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  • Ballistic Shooting Tips: For Superior Accuracy, Easy On That Trigger!

    Watch a group of shooters for a time, and you will likely see a range of problems with trigger mechanics. Some shooters “slap” the trigger, with the finger coming off and then slapping into the face of the trigger. Others might squeeze too tightly. In all cases, accuracy suffers–usually because the rifle is being jerked […]

  • On the Range with Ballistic: Perfect Shots Require Perfect Tools

    You wouldn’t expect a cheap bolt-action rifle firing surplus ammunition to be a precision shooting rig. Likewise, you can’t expect a perfect shot, time after time, if your ballistics calculator only provides basic data points and inputs. As serious long-range shooters know, having precise ballistics data at your fingertips can be the difference between making […]

  • Quick Tip from Ballistic – Choosing Your Caliber

    In the market for a long-range rifle for shooting competitions? Your first consideration will likely be caliber. While there’s world of choices out there, the reality is a relative handful of calibers currently dominate the long-range rifle field-and for good reasons. According to Curt Vaughn, Head of Product for Ballistic and a long-range shooting competitor, […]

  • Ballistic: The Industry’s Premier Ballistic Calculation Platform

    Ballistic offers long-range shooters the premier Ballistic Calculation Platform used by hundreds of thousands of shooting competitors, hunters, and handloaders. But there’s no need to take our word for it. No less that Gun Digest, arguably the nation’s top firearms publication, rated Ballistic the top ballistic apps on the market. Gun Digest noted that Ballistic, […]