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  • Slow Pitch Jigging with the Sea Falcon® Z-Slow Deep Neo Jig

    As its name implies, the Sea Falcon® Z-Slow Deep Neo jig offers enticing “Z” action even in the deepest areas. The Z-Slow Deep Neo is specifically designed for situations where you need optimum action in deep water and strong currents where lighter jigs or other designs might fail.  Z-Slow Deep Neo jigs are also available in a […]

  • Plano’s College of Bass Continues Dropping Knowledge

    Kevin VanDam, who has hoisted more trophies than any other professional bass angler, has continued to teach viewers valuable tips, tricks and techniques through Plano’s College of Bass. KVD along with multi-species expert, TV host of Lake Commandos and co-host Steve Pennaz live on Plano’s Facebook page each week. KVD, Pennaz, and a series of […]

  • SPRO Enhances Terminal Tackle with Color Options

    SPRO has been an industry leader in innovation and quality when it comes to terminal tackle items such as swivels and snaps. SPRO’s engineers know that attention to the details is what makes a good angler a great angler. SPRO introduces two new items that are going to make your fishing presentations even better. The […]

  • SPRO RK Crawler Features Colors to Throw All Season Long

    Kennesaw, Georgia (December 15, 2020) The brainchild of accomplished bass pro and B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler Mike McClelland, the SPRO RK Crawler features enough colors to throw throughout the season regardless of water color. “The RK Crawler 55 is my every day, go-to crankbait when bass are headed back shallow in the fall,” said McClelland. “Wherever […]

  • SPRO’s Aruku Shad Gets the Mean Eye Treatment

    Kennesaw, Georgia (December 3, 2020) SPRO knows predators key in on the eyes before they strike, so they gave the Aruku Shad the Mean Eye treatment to make it even more effective. SPRO also knows that serious pros won’t hit the water without the classic lipless crankbait, so they added it to the Essential Series of […]

  • Bethel Anglers Claim Championship Title

    FLORENCE, AL. (May 25, 2018) – Today 330 of college fishing’s best anglers took to Pickwick Lake with hopes of taking home the title, and tonight only two competitors leave with the championship trophy. Carter McNeil and Cole Floyd of Bethel University are the winners of the 2018 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. Bringing 25.12 […]