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  • Browning® Ammunition Introduces PRO22 Rimfire

    Browning Ammunition PRO22™ is the latest addition to the expansive ammo lineup and provides target shooters and plinkers alike with a new high-accuracy option for shooting their favorite rimfire rifle.   PRO22 offers improved performance through a precise target crimp for consistent bullet alignment into the barrel throat. In addition, the subsonic velocity prevents accuracy […]

  • DU TV this week: Early-season Canadas

    Watch it on the Sportsman Channel  Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) kicks off another great season this weekend. In the first episode of 2021, co-host Fred Zink joins DU volunteers hunting early-season Canada geese in North Dakota. Large populations of Canada geese are present across Canada and the United States. They can be found in […]

  • DU TV moving to Sportsman Channel

    Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) is moving to Sportsman Channel beginning July 3. First airing in October 1998, DU TV is the longest running waterfowl hunting and conservation-based show in television history. During that time, the show has traveled across North America capturing thrilling hunting footage and spreading Ducks Unlimited’s (DU) wetlands and waterfowl conservation […]

  • Browning Wicked Blend™ Waterfowl Ammunition to Be Featured at Ducks Unlimited Expo

    Browning Ammunition will feature its new waterfowl load, Wicked Blend at the upcoming Ducks Unlimited Expo (DUX) on June 25-June 27 at Fort Worth’s Texas Motor Speedway. Browning Ammunition is a Proud Partner of Ducks Unlimited and the official ammunition of Ducks Unlimited TV. You can visit the Browning Ammunition booth within the shooting village […]

  • Long Range Pro Hunter: “Brings Big Game Within Reach”

    Arnold, Mo., (February 10, 2021) – Browning is proudly introducing Long Range Pro Hunter centerfire rifle ammunition to take on the longest-distance hunting conditions. Hunters who demonstrate patience, technique and practice in their long-range sport shooting want nothing less than match-grade accuracy and superb terminal ballistics from their hunting bullet. Browning Long Range Pro Hunter delivers […]

  • 350 Legend™ FMJ Bulk Pack: More Ammo for More Fun at the Range

    Arnold, Mo., (February 9, 2021) – The 350 Legend™ was conceived as an ideal cartridge for deer hunting, especially in several Midwestern states that allow the use of straight-walled centerfire cartridges. The soft-shooting, inexpensive round, however, has also become a nationwide favorite for hog hunting and target shooting as well. To better serve the high-volume shooter’s […]

  • Browning® X-Point™ Defense: The Dependable Choice for Personal Protection

    Arnold, Mo., (February 8, 2021) – Browning® X-Point™ Defense provides The Best There Is™ in personal defense handgun ammunition technology. The most recognizable feature of X-Point Defense is its distinctive hollow-point bullet design, which contains an X-shaped shield in the nose of the bullet. The X guards the hollow point from becoming obstructed with material upon impact […]

  • DU TV this week: Family Traditions

    Watch it on the Pursuit Channel or online MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Sept. 3, 2020 – Family involvement in the outdoors is very important to Ducks Unlimited and the future of wetlands and waterfowl conservation. On this week’s episode of DU TV, co-hosts Ashley Ward and Doug Larsen head to Arkansas and Texas to tell the […]

  • DU TV this week: Arkansas Adventure

    Watch it on the Pursuit Channel or online MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Aug. 24, 2020–This week on DU TV, a classic episode follows co-host Ashley Ward with her father, Jim, who introduced her to life outdoors and set her career and life journey in motion on an exciting hunt in Arkansas. They are joined by Ashley’s […]

  • DU TV this week: Snake River Surprise

    Watch it on the Pursuit Channel MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Aug.19, 2020 – Idaho’s Snake River flows through some of the most spectacular scenery of the Mountain West. Join co-host Ashley Ward and Browning’s Shaundi Campbell for great public access hunting in Idaho. Puddle ducks and divers abound on this beautiful river and the hunters never […]