Introducing the most recent advancement in magazine technology, our Carbon Fiber AR-15 magazine, made from a proprietary carbon fiber composite blended with our Polyhex2 polymer, offers exceptional durability and consistent performance. While Hexmag’s polymer magazines are known for their reliability and resiliency, the introduction of Carbon Fiber significantly increases the overall strength and rigidity which… Continue reading CARBON FIBER HEXMAGS

The Next Gen AR-15 Mag from SENTRY Products Group™

The SENTRY™ Hexmag Carbon Fiber AR-15 Mag uses a proprietary blend of Carbon Fiber for a stronger, lighter AR-15 magazine. Virginia Beach, Va. (February 2021) – After the acquisition of the Hexmag brand in 2017 SENTRY Products Group set out to refine and expand their magazine and on gun accessory line. The most recent advancement is SENTRY’s Carbon Fiber AR-15… Continue reading The Next Gen AR-15 Mag from SENTRY Products Group™