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  • Hi-Point Firearms Voluntary Closure

    The state of Ohio and other states have organized complete business shutdowns due to Covid 19 situation. However, Ohio where Hi-Point is located is designated as a select or strategic business, therefore in Ohio, firearm manufacturing is exempted from closure. The management of Hi-Point has chosen to voluntarily shut down and perform preventative work until […]


    MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, November 2019 – New for 2020 are Hi-Point’s “near visible” camo schemes. Hi-Point’s new Moth Wing Mimicry pattern (shown above) works anywhere very effectively. Hi-Point’s lighter more subtle pattern called Kryptek Yeti (shown below). Both patterns are limited editions available for a limited time only in .45ACP and 10mm heading […]

  • The G1 YEET CANNON™ Has Arrived

    MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, July, 2019 – You almost cannot make this stuff up – but they did! It appears that a Hi-Point is the only firearm the social media folks like to burn, blow up, drive over, bend, throw, submerge, drop from great heights, and even shoot with other guns to see if it will […]