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  • Poachers Are Not Hunters

    Poachers Are Not Hunters

    Safari Club International supports legal, regulated trophy hunting and condemns criminal poaching of wildlife. Hunting and poaching are not the same. One is good for wildlife and the other is bad. Yet there seems to be confusion in the media about the difference between legal hunting and illegal poaching – the two terms, when used […]

  • Illegal Poaching Puts Giraffes At Risk In Africa

    Illegal Poaching Puts Giraffes At Risk In Africa

    Giraffes are among wildlife species adversely affected by increased illegal poaching in Botswana. This follows the banning of legal hunting there several years ago. The information was included recently during a presentation to the International Wildlife Conservation Council by Joseph Mbaiwa, Professor, Tourism Studies, Okavango Research Institute, University of Botswana. More details were included in […]