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  • Pro Tip: Ballistic App and Suppressed Rifles

    Suppressors are great tools for serious shooters, especially long-distance competitors and hunters. Quality suppressors reduce muzzle blasts to safe hearing levels without hearing protection, making communication between shooters more efficient. In most cases, a suppressor will even lessen the felt recoil of a rifle. However, shooters need to make specific allowances for suppressed firearms. “A […]

  • The Voodoo Behind EOTECH® Vudu® Rifle Scopes

    Ann Arbor, MI (February 25, 2021) While Vudu® is relatively new compared to its parent company, EOTECH®, it has built a rock-solid reputation in the optics world. It has very quickly become the go-to-optic among precision shooters, hunters and operators with good reason!  There’s a kind of magic at work in a Vudu rifle scope. A […]

  • Ballistic App Helps Long-Range Shooters Get to the Winner’s Table at the 2021 Mammoth Sniper Challenge

    Gainesville, GA (February 15, 2021) Before and during their participation in the recentGrunt Style Vortex Optics Mammoth Sniper Challenge, Gordon Meehl and his shooting partner used Ballistic-and the World’s Number One shooting app was instrumental in helping them take 9th Place in the event’s Regular Division!  “My shooting partner was able to get first shots hit at […]

  • Long-Range Shooters Need a Ballistic Shooting App

    Gainesville, GA (December 7, 2020) Considering all the money long-range shooters and hunters spend on rifles, optics and ammunition, adding a free shooting app to the mix might seem pretty unnecessary.  It’s the exact opposite. As professional shooters know, a proven, ultra-high-tech shooting app like Ballistic is a huge assist in making precision shots, no matter the terrain, […]


    Versatile Sniper Target Facilitates 100-Meter Zero and Effective Target Practice. The No. 9131 is a dedicated milliradian-based target for precision shooters. Its 1 cm (1/10 mil at 100 meters) grid is designed for true-distance zeroing. A 1 cm block within the central diamond defines the point of aim when using high-magnification optics. Scaled bullseye and […]

  • Aiming A Target – Top 7 Tips Most Hunters Don’t Know

    Gainesville, GA (August 28, 2020)-Marksmanship is all about maintaining proper form. Developing the required habits that promote accuracy will ensure you are on target each and every shot. In this article, you will learn the tips that will help you build confidence and hit your targets. To aim a target and achieve the desired result, the […]

  • A Different Take on Father’s Day: A Father-Son Rifle Cleaning!

    Gainesville, GA (June 15, 2020) This Father’s Day, do something a little different with your son or grandson and spend some time bonding while cleaning your firearms. Yes, cleaning guns is probably the least fun part of being a long-range shooter or hunter. But it can be a great learning experience for you and your child […]

  • Ride Like the Wind: Dialing in Windage

    Gainesville, Ga (May 4, 2020)- As a long-range shooter, you know all too well that wind is the top obstacle to making a perfect shot. However, if you use Ballistic, the #1 ballistic app, you can overcome the wind and its adverse effects on your bullet’s path. Logan Brown in an experienced long-range competitive shooter and Pro Staff Shooter […]

  • Barnes Bullets Announces New E-Commerce Website Launch

    Mona, UT – We are pleased to announce our new e-commerce web store, https://shop.barnesbullets.com.  This new site allows individual consumers the convenience of purchasing the often the hard-to-find products that made Barnes Bullets famous directly from the manufacturer! Personal accounts can be created to store shipping addresses for speed of checkout, see order status, and […]

  • Pro Tip: Ballistic for Precision Shooting in Winter Conditions

    Gainesville, GA Winter conditions can and will affect your long-distance shooting in several ways. For example, according to Curt Vaughn, Head of Product for Ballistic and a long-range shooting competitor, some of the powders used in rifle rounds will burn faster or slower depending on the temperatures. A faster burn creates greater projectile velocities. So, how does a […]