• SIG SAUER Introduces 6mm Creedmoor Elite Copper Hunting Ammunition

    NEWINGTON, N.H., (February 10, 2020) – SIG SAUER, Inc. continues to expand its line of premium-grade Elite Copper Hunting ammunition with the addition of 6mm Creedmoor.  Featuring an 80gr all-copper bullet that delivers deep penetration and consistent 1.8x diameter expansion with maximum terminal ballistic performance, the 6mm Creedmoor Elite Copper Hunting ammunition is a highly accurate […]

  • SIG SAUER Introduces 120gr Supersonic 300BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammunition for Short Barrel Rifles

    NEWINGTON, N.H., (February 12, 2019) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce its newest 300BLK ammunition – the 120gr supersonic 300BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty load, specifically designed for short barrel rifles.  Available to the commercial market for the first time, this supersonic duty round is engineered for reliable, controlled, 1.8x expansion, and superior feeding […]

  • SIG SAUER Introduces the SIG AIR ProForce Airsoft Line for Professional Training

    NEWINGTON, N.H., (January 17, 2019) – SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the new, high-end SIG AIR ProForce airsoft line for professional training.  SIG AIR ProForce products are designed as replicas of their centerfire counterparts in look, balance and handling characteristics and engineered to SIG standards for precision, accuracy, and reliability.   Initial SIG AIR ProForce airsoft pistol […]


    U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- GLOCK refers to media reports discussing pending patent litigation between SIG Sauer, Inc. and GLOCK GmbH. In January 2018, SIG Sauer, Inc. (SIG) filed a patent infringement suit along with a motion for a preliminary injunction against Glock GmbH (GLOCK Austria) in the Commercial Court Vienna, Austria. SIG´s motion requested the court to […]

  • SIG SAUER Introduces New 223 Rem and 308 Win SIG FMJ Rifle Ammunition

    Newington, N.H. (July 30, 2018) – SIG SAUER continues to grow its Elite Performance line of rifle ammunition with the addition of 223 Rem and 308 Win full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds for training. SIG FMJ practice ammunition is ideal for those seeking cost-efficient, high-quality rounds for target practice. The 55gr 223 Rem load has […]

  • SIG SAUER Introduces New SIG 365 Ammunition

    Optimized for Everyday Carry Newington, N.H. (May 2, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. introduces new, high-performance SIG 365 Elite Performance Ammunition in 115gr 9mm SIG V-Crown® and SIG FMJ loads. Designed for optimal performance in short barrel, concealed carry pistols, such as its namesake – the revolutionary P365™ high-capacity, micro compact – SIG 365 ammunition […]

  • SIG Sauer Unveils a NAPED P320 Carry Size Thin Blue Line Pistol for NAPED Members Only

    New Bern, NC (May 2018) – SIG SAUER Inc., a NAPED associate member, will be offering a special edition P320 Carry sized Think Blue Line (230CATBL) striker-fired pistol to NAPED member distributors at the Annual General Meeting to be held in Savannah, Georgia, June 8-10, 2018. The 320CATBL will be offered only to NAPED member […]