Tag: Silent Legion Suppressors

  • Silent Legion’s 30 Caliber Suppressor Overview

    Oak Ridge, NC (Mar. 26, 2019) – Silent Legion offers two .30 caliber suppressors with superior mounting systems and lightweight, durable designs. The direct thread model delivers incredible stability, while the quick detach suppressor maximizes convenience and flexibility for tactical and field use. The lightweight .30 caliber cartridge is fun for target shooting and can serve […]

  • Hunting Deer with Silent Legion Suppressors

    Oak Ridge, NC (October 5, 2018) – Hunting with suppressors has been legalized in nearly every state and the benefits of using a suppressor in the field are extensive. Rarely does a hunter carry ear protection on a hunt. It’s almost unheard of to wear any ear protection when taking a shot on a deer. […]

  • Top Benefits of Shooting Suppressed

    City, State (August 31, 2018) – Shooting suppressed is a growing movement with serious advantages for hunters and recreational shooters. Suppressors increase safety, extend shooting opportunities and ultimately make firearms more user and community friendly. It’s no secret that firearms are loud, and shooting ranges within earshot of any residential or commercial establishment are not […]