• Sea Falcon’s S Impact Slow Pitch Jig

    Fish react differently to different jig lures and under different circumstances. Sometimes they will attack any shiny jig lure, and the proper presentation is important. Fortunately, Sea Falcon® offers a diverse array of jigs to fine-tune the presentation to get the best performance in any situation. The S Impact is specially designed for situations when […]

  • SPRO’s Wave Tail Grub Appeals to All Five Fish Senses

    For decades, grubs have been in anglers’ tackle boxes for one simple reason – they catch fish! Spro’s new Wave Tail Grub takes the basic shape of a traditional curl-trail grub and improves every aspect. With these modifications, the Wave Tail Grub is highly effective throughout the year in freshwater and saltwater applications. The Wave […]

  • SPRO’s Sakura Soft Plastic Baits Offer Unique Action to Make Pressured Bass Bite

    This SPRO® soft plastic bait has a unique shape that delivers an action that bass haven’t seen, even on highly pressured waters. The Spro Sakura features a subtle action that makes it nearly irresistible to educated fish. The unique, diamond-shaped tail flutters with the slightest movement, making it perfect for Ned rigs, drop shot, or […]

  • SPRO’s Rattle Little John 50 and Rattle Little John MD50

    In murky water and low-light conditions, a rattling lure creates sounds for bass to zero in on. The SPRO Little John 50, one of the finest crankbaits on the market, is now even better thanks to a hard steel ball that generates a loud bass-attracting rattle. The SPRO Little John 50, designed by B.A.S.S Elite […]

  • SPRO’s Pin Tail Soft Plastic Baits Trigger Bites From Finicky Bass

    When reluctant bass call for the ultimate in finesse approaches, SPRO’s Pin Tail soft plastic baits deliver in a big way. The two finesse baits provide big action in a small package, with a wiggle that no bass can resist. Even though the tantalizing action is more than enough to get the job done, SPRO® infused […]

  • SPRO® Pocket Tail Minnow Premium Swimbait

    Boot-tail swimbaits have proven their worth as both jig trailers and as standalone lures on either a weighted hook or a jighead. However, not all soft swimbaits are created equally. SPRO’s Pocket Tail Minnow leaves the competition in the dust with a list of features that’ll turn the heads of inshore species like redfish, sook, […]

  • SPRO® Fishing Line Assortment Expands With the Essential Series Bronzeye Braid 8x

    Bass anglers can all agree on one thing – there’s no more excitement on the water than flipping a frog and enticing a big bass to engulf it. Designed primarily for casting lures like the SPRO® Bronzeye frog, along with flipping baits into timber, SPRO introduces the Essential Series Bronzeye Braid 8X. Available in moss green […]

  • SPRO to Attend the 52nd Annual Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, South Carolina

    SPRO will attend the 52nd annual Bassmaster Classic, the world’s most prestigious professional bass tournament, in Greenville, South Carolina with competition on nearby Lake Hartwell. The 2022 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk will be held for the fourth time at scenic Lake Hartwell, March 4-6, with takeoffs from Green Pond Landing […]

  • SPRO and Gamakatsu Pro-Angler, John Crews, Wins the AFTCO Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River

    SPRO and Gamakatsu are committed to designing the best lures and hooks for the hardcore angler, and no angler embodies that commitment more than John Crews. Most recently, Crew put his skill to the test and walked away with the AFTCO Bassmaster Elite trophy on the St. Johns River. This past weekend, Crews talked about […]

  • Snap or No Snap?

    Many anglers like the efficiency of using a snap to affix their chosen lure to their fishing line. It makes swaps quick and easy and can even enhance the lure’s action by allowing it to affect a wider gait. Others, however, shudder at the idea of even the smallest piece of additional hardware. They want […]

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