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    Whigham, GA (October 15, 2018) – Peering over the edge of your blind, the ducks are lining up for a landing right in the middle of your decoy spread. Orange feet drop, wings start to backpedal for a landing and the command to “take them” brings on a barrage of shotgun fire. With seasoned waterfowlers […]

  • Trulock: Fill Your Tag with Deerstroyer

    Whigham, GA (October 3, 2018) – The steady rustle of leaves and clatter of dry branches makes you bristle with anticipation, knowing a buck is headed your way. You visualize where the shot will occur and seconds later the blur of brown fur draws your shotgun and the thunder of gunpowder burning is followed by […]


    Whigham, GA (September 17, 2018) – The predictions for the 2018 fall flight of ducks and geese should get any smoothbore enthusiast excited. We are living in the “good old days” and this fall is likely going to be the best any waterfowl hunter has ever seen. The fact there are more birds in the […]


    Whigham, GA (September 6, 2018)– Shooting clay targets is a game of focus and concentration, which is why competitive shooters hedge their bets by carrying an array of choke tubes. The competitive edge is gained by using the right choke tube to maximize the pattern of pellets downrange. Trap, skeet, and sporting clays are different […]


    Whigham, GA (September 4, 2018) – The excited chatter of big honkers descending on the blind echoes through your head like a reoccurring dream. The big birds cup their wings, drop their feet and start to backpedal for a landing, and are so close you can see the ridges on their tongues when they honk. […]


    Whigham, GA (August 31, 2018) – A dove breaks right to the left, and you swing your shotgun hard to get in front of it before pulling the trigger and seeing a puff of feathers. A second bird reacts to the shot and soars directly overhead for a fast retreating shot that puts another feathered […]

  • Trulock Choke Tubes Stand Strong

    Smoothbore enthusiasts already know the advantages of using multiple chokes-distance, pattern, consistent pellet groupings, and confidence are what every shooter hopes to achieve. Just how important are superior choke tubes? They can make any shotgun perform better than imaginable, expounding on the virtues of the firearm and shooter. Not all choke tubes are made equal. […]

  • Trulock Has You Covered

    A shotgun is a tool that can perform diverse functions when paired with the right components. Choke tubes are an integral part of shotgun performance, whether you use it for recreation, hunting, pest control, home defense, law enforcement, or even tactical. Competitive shooters and athletes excel with the right choke tubes on the skeet or […]

  • Put the Smackdown on Your Next Hog

    Hog hunting can be fast-paced – with moving targets in tight quarters. Savvy hunters put the odds in their favor by using a shotgun to provide several advantages for success. A shotgun is designed to be pointed and swung on a target, requiring quick reaction times. Using a shotgun can be the difference between taking […]

  • Trulock Choke Tubes: Risk-Free Improvement in Your Shooting, Guaranteed

    If you are running factory chokes in your favorite shotgun, then without a doubt the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the performance of your gun -and your shooting – is to buy and put in high-quality precision choke tubes. Nobody makes better choke tubes than Trulock, and replacing your old chokes with […]