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  • Viper Archery Products Continues Partnership with Driven with Pat & Nicole

    Viper Archery Products, a company known for its premium-performance U.S.-made archery sights announced today that it has renewed its partnership with the award-winning Outdoor Channel show Driven with Pat & Nicole for the third consecutive year. Now in its 18th season, Driven with Pat & Nicole continue to take its viewers on adventures in North […]

  • Viper Archery Products Announces Continued Partnership with Gus Congemi and Live the Wild Life

    Viper Archery Products, a company known for its premium-performance U.S.-made archery sights is pleased to announce the continued partnership with the popular Live the Wild Life outdoor show hosted by Gus Congemi. This is the second year the companies have partnered. Now in its 11th season, Live the Wild Life is an adventure style television […]

  • Viper Archery Products Continues Partnership with Whitetail Freaks TV

  • Stay Charged!

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (July 22, 2020) — Have you ever turned your sight light on and then forgot to turn it off? Yeah, me too and so have most other bowhunters out there. It just happens. It’s difficult to keep track of extra batteries in the field and to justify the cost of them when the batteries […]

  • Viper Archery Products Launches $475 Free Product Give-Away And CABINFEVER Discount

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (March 30, 2020) — Viper Archery Products announced today the launch of its online “Viper Bundle Sweepstakes” promotion. Valued at $475, one lucky winner will walk away with a Sidewinder XL pin sight, a 12” X-Strike carbon stabilizer, an 8” X-Strike carbon stabilizer, a Single V-Bar Mount and a Straight Quick Disconnect. Entering into […]

  • Steady Your Aim with Viper Archery Products Single V-Bar Mount

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (Jan. 7, 2020) — Viper Archery Products introduces a new Single V-Bar Mount to its line of premium products. This new Single V-Bar Mount is a fully adjustable, single sided V-Bar mount weighing only 3-ounces, making it ultra-compact and lightweight. Constructed of strong 6061 aluminum, the mount is designed to withstand the test of […]

  • Steady Your Shot with Viper Archery Products SX Stabilizers

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (Oct. 2, 2019) — The Viper Archery Products SX Stabilizer Series was designed to be light enough for long backcountry hunts, while still providing the hunter with enough weight to make a steady shot count. Available in three sizes—6, 8 and 10 inches—the SX Stabilizer is CNC machined from high-quality T6 6061 billet aluminum to […]

  • Viper Archery Products Introduces the Venom Pro Bow Sight Series

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (Sept. 11, 2019) — Viper Archery Products has announced the availability of the fully featured Venom Pro and Venom Pro XL five-pin bow sights. The Venom Pro is a more traditional, compact hunting bow sight, while the Venom Pro XL features a longer, adjustable sight radius that allows the user to find the perfect […]

  • Viper Archery Products Introduces Sidewinder Bow Sight Series

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (August 22, 2019) — Designed to bridge the gap between archery hunting and competition bow sights, the Viper Archery Products Sidewinder Series provides the fastest, easiest and most precise elevation adjustments of any single-pin sights on the market. The Sidewinder and the Sidewinder XL, with its longer sight radius and windage micro-adjustment capability, are truly a […]

  • Sprectre Broadheads Introduces Magnetic-Blade-Retention Technology

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (June 25, 2019) — For decades, broadhead engineers have come up with many different gadgets—from O-rings, to plastic collars and even rubber bands—to retain the blades of mechanical broadheads, but those items are often the cause of failure, either in flight or upon impact. The new Spectre Broadhead solves the problem through magnetism. Spectre’s […]