Z-Man® Wins Multiple Tackle Warehouse Awards

Anglers elect Z baits most popular in annual Viewer’s Choice Program The best fishing tip of all is often the one staring at you from across the tackleshop aisle. As in, pay close attention to the lures whose selections are picked over or just plain sold out. Or, look at it this way: it’s the… Continue reading Z-Man® Wins Multiple Tackle Warehouse Awards

AVAILABLE NOW: 5” DoormatadorZ™

Soft and lively, buoyant and tough as nails all at the same time, the new 5" Z-Man DoormatadorZ can only be explained by its 10X Tough ElaZtech construction.

Resilient new Z-Man® / Pro-Cure Scented grub gets chewed but doesn’t flinch Fresh from Z-Man ovens, packs of the 5-inch DoormatadorZ have just landed at your favorite fishing tackle shop. With plenty of days left on summer and fall fishing calendars—including exciting Northeast flounder/fluke seasons—the time to tie on the versatile, heavily Pro-Cure infused grub has… Continue reading AVAILABLE NOW: 5” DoormatadorZ™

The Immortal HerculeZ™

New Z-Man® pre-rigged soft swimbait offers muscle, dynamic motion—and legendary rewards What would you think about an ultra-soft lure that big brawling fish try to munch to ribbons, but can’t? At what point does the performance and efficiency of a single soft swimbait at the end of your line completely surpass the value of a three-pack? How… Continue reading The Immortal HerculeZ™

Little Burner Blade

New compact Z-Man® ChatterBait® MiniMax™ offers tournament-grade performance in an easy-to-bite package “This little blade really sings,” asserts Z-Man pro Luke Clausen, assessing the new, baby-sized bladed jig at the end of his line. After studying the lure’s physical assets, Clausen goes subsurface, contemplating how bass perceive the fresh-from-the-oven ChatterBait MiniMax on its levels of… Continue reading Little Burner Blade