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  • Browning Wins Big with Unnamed ‘Bladed Jig’

    Z-Man® pro conquers MLF Patriot Cup with always-reliable ChatterBait® JackHammer™ Given his druthers, Stephen Browning would just as soon flip ElaZtech® softbaits at jungles of aquatic grass. But how can you argue when the bass won’t stop inhaling your ChatterBait like luscious jelly beans? That first day of the Major League Fishing (MLF) Patriot Cup, Browning’s so-called […]

  • Z-Man’s® Enduring Commitment to Conservation

    Progressive tackle company hosts first-of-its-kind ‘Partner with a Payer’ event Crafting high-grade fishing tackle remains a worthy endeavor only insomuch as the fish and their environs flourish. It’s a simple, self-evident idea that’s quietly inhabited the hearts and minds of the people behind Z-Man Fishing Products since day one. It’s also the motivation behind Z-Man’s […]

  • A Day on the Water with Z-Man® Pro Joey Nania

    (feat. Zeke & Eli) “All you can do is raise ’em up to have a lot of love in their hearts,” suggests professional Z-Man angler Joey Nania, between casts and shepherding the two inquisitve boys in his bass boat.  A Z-Man Fishing TV exclusive, Project Z: ProFileZ takes you on the water with the folks who trust […]

  • Z-Man® Lures Crush it at Bassmaster Kayak Contest

    Stealth-boat frontman Drew Gregory wins at Grand Lake, Oklahoma  With the soul of an explorer, Drew Gregory embarks on kayak treks free from the limitations that tie most anglers to used water. To go beyond big public boat ramps. To sidestep fossil fuels altogether. Unbound by the intrusions of 1-ton bass rigs, Gregory designs and […]

  • The Science of a Simple Bait

    New Z-Man® SMH™ WormZ™ & SMH™ Jighead System will uplift your shakyhead game Underwater, the magic of a shakyhead worm actually happens at the opposite end of the bait. Angler shakes rod. Line sends pulses down to jighead. In theory, the worm’s tail dances, quivers and attracts interest from bass. But if it’s made from traditional PVC […]

  • Bass Bait of the People

    Everyday anglers help ideate, inspire the new GOAT ToadZ™ topwater bait Set aside the snark and the time wasters posing as social media pundits and you’re left with actual people—real-world folks driven by positivity, possibility and edifying ideas. Anglers, perhaps more than most, prefer to cheer their friends’ accomplishments and pass along cool new ways […]

  • Z-Man® Home-Brews New Bait Colors

    Elite inshore Captain C.A. Richardson illuminates three fresh ElaZtech® patterns, available now Call it the bling effect—an angler’s inclination to select a lure based on eye candy alone. Bright, sparkly and visually stunning baits attract us like diamonds and gold, enticing us to tie them on and cast, despite the fact fish perceive colors and flash far […]

  • Fischer Wins National Kayak Title

    Z-Man® ElaZtech® baits key small boat championship, again Kristine Fischer had won before. But this one felt different. Bigger. Somehow, more meaningful. Like a quarterback winning a third Super Bowl; cementing their place in history and making some sort of definitive, lasting statement.  But unlike all those other pro athletes who celebrate championships with time away […]

  • Saltwater Surprise

    Z-Man’s Carter Andrews reveals radical soft plastics patterns across the planet One earmark of a world-class angler: The ability to recognize and tap into obscure fishing opportunities overlooked by others. Call them lure loopholes (glitches in the matrix). Or, the smart adaptation of one bait into a new or un-thought-of situation, all in the name of fooling […]

  • One Bait, One Hundred Bass

    Tales of two extraordinary bass tournaments Situated strategically on the front decks of nearly every boat in a 120-team field of anglers, the same aqua-blue bag of softbaits sat poised for action. That scant few of the anglers waved sponsor logos matching their bait-bags suggested a rather interesting puzzle: Perhaps it’s not always the signage on […]