TecTecTec Announces ProWild 2 and ProWild S Hunting Laser Rangefinders

Amazon Best-Selling Brand Develops Advanced Optics for Outdoor Collection

(Vannes, France) – TecTecTec – maker of technologically-advanced yet affordable laser rangefinders, which are category leaders on Amazon.com – is expanding its line of hunting rangefinders with the introduction of ProWild 2 and ProWild S.

TecTecTec’s newest and most advanced hunting model, the ProWild 2 ($149.99), is accurate within .3 yards and measures up to 540 yards. The premium multilayered optical lens boasts 6x magnification for an ultra-clear view to clearly spot game and accurately gauge distances. The lightweight, water-resistant body makes spotting targets quick and easy in any weather and is protected by a premium shock-resistant case.

Also new to the brand’s collection is the ProWild S ($129.99) with angle compensation technology for calculating elevation-adjusted distance to the target. Like TecTecTec’s acclaimed ProWild model, the camouflage-body ProWild S comes with a durable nylon carrying case and measures targets up to 540 yards away, accurate within one yard.

“Both of the new ProWild models are specifically designed with the needs of the hunting community in mind,” says Renan Lore, Director of TecTecTec. “The same high-quality components found in our renowned golf rangefinders are used to enhance the outdoor product line, guaranteeing precise and accurate readings on every hunt.”

All TecTecTec laser rangefinders are equipped with a CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick start guide. Every purchase includes free shipping, 24/7 access to customer service, a two-year warranty and 30-day full refund guarantee when ordering online at www.us.tectectec.com.

About TecTecTec

Founded in 2014, TecTecTec is headquartered in France with representation in Houston and Bali, Indonesia. The company provides hunters and golfers worldwide with high-quality products sold directly to consumers at affordable prices by eliminating middlemen. Progressive thinking, innovative R&D, manufacturing with the tightest quality controls and unwavering customer support led to TecTecTec rangefinders becoming annual bestsellers on Amazon. Beyond golf and hunting products, TecTecTec manufactures cameras, drones, projectors, security systems and speakers.

More information: www.us.tectectec.com

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