TecTecTec Unveils BPROWILD Binoculars

(Vannes, France) – TecTecTec – maker of technologically-advanced yet affordable products for golfers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts – introduces BPROWILD binoculars, now available through the company’s website, they use advanced optics and state-of-the-art components to provide the highest level of clarity on the market.
Crystal clear display is achieved through a BAK4 Barium prism, which has a higher refractive index for brighter and more well-defined images, while Green FMC (Full Multi-Coating) on 42mm lenses ensures colors stay true.  The camouflage exterior features Next Camo G1™ USA and is well-balanced to fit comfortably in the user’s hands.
With O-ring sealed construction, each drum is purged with Nitrogen to remove contaminants and eliminate any risk of condensation. The IPX6 design provides a splash-proof and fine-rain seal that make the BPROWILD perfect for hunting, hiking, surveillance, concert-going and wildlife observation. Interocular spacing from 57 to 76 mm allows left-handed and right-handed users to adjust the central focusing wheel with one finger for more freedom with their second hand. A diopter dial on the right eyecup corrects for all vision types and the three eyecup adjustment levels adapt to the user’s field of view.
“Our mission at TecTecTec has always been to provide extremely high-quality products at prices that are affordable for all,” says Renan Lore, Director of TecTecTec. “We use the most advanced components and manufacturing techniques to create first-class binoculars at a price point that other top brands cannot match.”
The BPROWILD ($99.99) binoculars come with a variety of accessories, including:

  • Black binocular strap that comfortably fits around the neck or shoulders
  • Microfiber protective pocket to keep binoculars away from dust, scratches and damaging UV rays
  • Carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Square microfiber cloth for fast and safe lens cleaning
  • Removable soft rubber caps to project lenses
  • Straightforward smartphone adapter that allows users to photograph breathtaking views with ease; simply align the active lens to the left eyecup according to your phone’s settings (normal or wide angle)
  • Standard ¼-inch socket on the binoculars for connecting a tripod or other support 

TecTecTec guarantees lifelong fast and friendly service by providing valuable assistance and support 24/7. Every purchase includes customary free shipping, a product specific warranty and a ‘love it or your money back’ 30-day full refund guarantee when ordering online at www.us.tectectec.com.
About TecTecTec
Founded in 2014, TecTecTec is headquartered in France with representation in Houston and Bali, Indonesia. Progressive thinking, innovative research and development, manufacturing with the tightest quality controls and unwavering customer support led to TecTecTec rangefinders becoming annual bestsellers on Amazon. Beyond golf products, TecTecTec manufactures binoculars, telescopes, hunting accessories, cameras, projectors and speakers.