Tentsile Go Green on Black Friday

Tentsile pledge to plant 100 trees for each Tree Tent sold during their Green Friday event 2020

London, England (October 2020): Tentsile, a brand known for both their award-winning designs, and their unwavering commitment to protecting global forests, is increasing their tree planting activity this holiday season. Each year Tentsile host a Green Friday sale – focusing on environmentalism over profits at a time when most brands are promoting BFCM – and this year is no different.  On target to plant 1 million trees, Tentsile has reached the impressive milestone of 742,000 trees planted since 2017!  To help reach their incredible goal they have pledged to plant 100 trees for each Tree Tent or hammock sold as part of their Green Friday event this year whilst offering 20% off a selected Tree Tents and Hammocks for customers.

Tentsile loves trees and believes that reforestation is the most effective way of combating climate change. Through the support of leading international groups and grassroots organisations committed to halting deforestation and saving old growth resources, Tentsile has helped spread awareness and hopes to inspire each and every one of their customers to join the movement.

“My hope is that by reconnecting people with nature and in particular forests, then a new appreciation of these environments might ignite a more active movement against global deforestation.” Alex Shirley-Smith, Founder and CEO

Throughout the year, Tentsile plants twenty new trees for each tent sold with partner organizations WeForest and The Eden Project. Both of these international non-profits promote pioneering movements in large-scale sustainable reforestation and poverty alleviation initiatives. Trees have been planted in Madagascar, Zambia, India and Oregon, and Tents have been donated to help the teams carry out their vital work.

Tentsile also provides customers with an easy way of offsetting their emissions by making a donation to plant trees with Tentsile. For every donation made, Tentsile matches it.

About Tentsile:
Discover the future of camping with Tentsile – portable, low impact tree houses that combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person occupancy of a tent. Born out of passion, Tentsile make the most versatile tents in the world and are committed to an ethical and ecological business model, that educates its customers about the magic and majesty of forests and nature, while saving the world’s trees. The unique and modular design allows people to enjoy the experience of camping amongst the trees, suspended above the ground for increased separation from insects, predators, damp or uneven terrain.

Tentsile is an award-winning brand, a recipient of the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Gear of the Show Award from the Gear Institute, Best New Gear at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and Best of Show Award from the Manual. Additionally, Tentsile received the 2015/2016 ISPO Brand New Award as well as the German Design Council’s gold award for ground-breaking design in the sports, outdoor activities and leisure field, and has been featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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