Wheels and Impressive Ice Retention Combine for the Ultimate Cooler When Hunting, Camping, Fishing and Everything in Between

North Sioux City, SD – If you’ve ever tried to haul a large cooler full of beverages, food and ice, you understand that having durable wheels on a larger cooler is just a smart idea for simple and convenient transport.  It’s exactly why Big Frig™ decided to make life a little easier and offer its Denali Pro 70 quart cooler complete with heavy-duty wheels.  For those all-day fishing trips, summer camp-outs or extended hunting excursions – the Denali Pro 70 quart will easily move right along with you across any terrain, all while keeping ice cold and contents fresh for 10+ days.

“Whether they’re spending the day fishing or the weekend with family camping, we build coolers to fit our customers’ lifestyle, so we wanted to design a rotomolded cooler that not only delivered on ice retention, but that was as mobile as they are,” said Brock Hutchinson, Big Frig Founder.  “We considered every detail when designing the Denali Pro, all with affordability in mind and I believe we created THE go-to cooler for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Of course, wheels aren’t the only ‘cool-factor’ of the Denali Pro. Performance is second to none and the Denali Pro ice chest delivers impressive ice retention thanks to its incredibly thick walls and freezer-grade gasket which both work to seal hot air out and cold air in. This means the Denali Pro’s contents and provisions will stay ice cold for 10+ days.  A rugged rubber T-latch ensures the lid stays tightly closed and secured, while the cooler’s unique vacuum release valve button makes opening the cooler a breeze.  The ice chest also comes equipped with non-slip feet, which help keep the ice chest in place. Its incorporated fishing ruler on the lid will come in handy after reeling in that big fish.  Filet that fish on the convenient cutting board that doubles as a compartment separator.  The cutting board plus a basket are both included with every Denali Pro, further adding to the value you’re receiving with a Big Frig cooler.

The Denali Pro 70 quart measures 33.5” W x 17.5”D x 18” H around the outside and will house 60 pounds of ice.  It’s available in three colors: White, Sand and Dessert Camo, and has an MSRP of just $374.99.  Perhaps one of Big Frig’s most unique offerings is the company’s ability to customize any Big Frig cooler with high quality printed graphics to match each customer’s lifestyle through Big Frig’s Custom Shop.  With no minimums required, every Big Frig customer can truly own a one-of-a-kind cooler.
About Big FrigBig Frig was founded to fill the need for a first-rate, affordable vacuum sealed tumbler and rotomolded cooler. Others in the market were very proud of their prices and didn’t have the quality or features that many people – people who actually use coolers on a daily basis – were looking for. Big Frig set out to design products that would perform as well as (if not better than) the big names in the market without the price tag. At Big Frig we believe in treating our customers like family and that family comes first. We believe in answering the phone and going the extra mile. We believe that people deserve to get a quality product for their money and a company that will stand behind it. Our products are designed and tested to stand up in the toughest conditions of the Midwest and provide high performance in every environment imaginable. To learn more about Big Frig’s full line of premium coolers and tumblers built to fit your lifestyle, visit