The Cabela Family Foundation Joins the Wild Harvest Initiative® Partnership Alliance

The Cabela Family Foundation commits support to Conservation Visions’ Wild Harvest Initiative®, the first scientific program to assess the actual amount, comprehensive value and modern relevance of the wild meat and fish we harvest and eat.

Conservation Visions is announcing a new partnership with the Cabela Family Foundation, the philanthropic legacy of Dick and Mary Cabela, in support of the Wild Harvest Initiative®, the first attempt to synthesize and evaluate the combined economic, conservation and social benefits of recreational wild animal harvests in North American society. This program represents a forward-looking approach that works within existing social trends to build new alliances for wildlife conservation, to expand the value portfolios for wildlife and wild lands and waters, and to normalize hunting and fishing.

The Initiative will address many questions such as: How do hunting and fishing contribute to the food security of American and Canadian citizens? How much would it cost to replace this food, not just in dollars and cents, but environmentally, if everyone stopped hunting and fishing? By exploring sustainable use of wildlife in the contexts of food security, human health and fitness, wildlife and habitat conservation, animal health and welfare, ecological and environmental concerns, and economic prosperity, the program will explore the wider benefits of wildlife and wild animal harvest to the public.

“The Wild Harvest Initiative® derives its energy from society’s culture of change, working with the tides instead of against them, so to speak, to achieve optimal results” says Shane Mahoney, Conservation Visions’ CEO and originator of the Wild Harvest Initiative®. “We are delighted to welcome the Cabela Family Foundation, a leader in the promotion of outdoor recreation, conservation, and charitable works, to our Partnership Alliance. Together, we look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of others, while we work to conserve wildlife.”

“The Cabela Family Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Wild Harvest Initiative® as they identify and share the physical, environmental, emotional, and economic impacts of the sustainable harvest of wildlife,” says Dan Cabela. “We believe this initiative will have a lasting influence on the narrative surrounding the undeniable benefits of recreational hunting and fishing.”