The Gunwerks Collective Series Highlights The Ranch Life

The Gunwerks Collective Series Highlights The Ranch Life

The unique 6mm Creedmoor meets the demands of ranching life.

(Cody, Wyoming) April 17, 2018.The Collective, a series of exclusive, purpose-driven, premium rifles, introduces the CoPilot ( The ultimate truck gun for the land manager, hunter, and those who simply want the best. The Co-Pilot is a limited edition rifle with less than 100 offered to the public. Designed as a short frame rifle, the Co-Pilot is chambered in 6MM Creedmoor, built with premium components and accessories and is priced at $13,995.

Gunwerk’s first rifle of the Collective claims the title of the ultimate truck gun aptly named the Co-Pilot for its small yet robust nature with the ability to travel lite and is the perfect side arm for work on the ranch. The core of the CoPilot is reflected in the latest film working on a large cattle ranch in the mountains, protecting not just livestock but the livelihood of the rancher and his family.

Watch the CoPilot Work

CoPilot Specs:

  • 33 inches long with stock collapsed and 38.5 inches long with the suppressor installed.
  • Adjustable Buttstock
  • Chambered in 6MM Creedmoor
  • Ergonomic modified EH1 Manner Composite Stock,
  • 16-inch carbon fiber Proof Research barrel
  • SilencerCo. Omega suppressor.
  • Five and three round AI detachable style magazines
  • The Nightforce 4-16×42 ATACR
  • Ballistic profiles built for each rifle.
  • Trigger Tech trigger set at 2 lbs.
  • SKB hard side case
  • Armageddon Gear Custom Softside Case
  • 1,500 Rounds of 103 gr. Hornady Precision Hunter

Signified by the collector’s coin and patch, purchasing a Co-Pilot rifle is an experience unlike any other since you are joining a fellowship of individuals belonging to the Collective. With less than 80 rifles produced for each Collective, investors of the Collective belong to a small group bound by the distinctive design of a rifle reflecting different parts of Americana to be passed down for future generations.

Learn more about the Gunwerks Collective by visiting For the past 10 Years, Gunwerks has established its reputation for building and delivering complete shooting systems. From the bipod to the ballistic turret and everything in between, the Gunwerks shooting system comes ready to go. Our company is simple. We hunt hard. We shoot and train all year. We spend months, not days, with one shot between success and failure.The gear we use defines our success. The gear we make can define yours.