The MEPRO NYX-200: the Newest Innovation in Multispectral Dual Channel Thermal Weapon Sights from Meprolight®

The MEPRO NYX-200: the Newest Innovation in Multispectral Dual Channel Thermal Weapon Sights from Meprolight®

The versatile MEPRO NYX-200 can be mounted or hand-held, allowing users to detect targets in total darkness with superior clarity.

Middletown, Penn. (January 2019) – Meprolight USA®, the US sales and marketing division of Meprolight®, a world leader in a variety of optic solutions from electro-optics sights, self-illuminated night sights, innovative pistol sights, will unveil the latest in multispectral thermal weapon sights with their MEPRO NYX-200 at the 2019 SHOT Show.

Made to MIL-810 standards, the robust sight is available in several configurations, all providing a high-resolution thermal channel with 640×480 microbolometer core and a 17µ pixel size. It also provides a sensitive camera channel featuring a 1280×640 microbolometer core low-light or day camera. It can quickly be changed from hand-held to weapons mount and vice versa. The ergonomic and easy-to-operate menu features intuitive icons for fast operation under all hunting and shooting scenarios.

The MEPRO NYX-200 sight operates on four standard AA batteries (lithium, alkaline or rechargeable NiMH) and is capable of running eight hours consecutively. MSRP starts at $9,240.00.

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About Meprolight®:

Meprolight is a leading International Electro-Optics company, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems for infantry, armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets since 1990.

Meprolight provides comprehensive solutions with a wide array of combat-proven products; electro-optical solutions, night vision devices, digital Low light handheld devices, thermal target acquisition systems, and a variety of night sights and other tritium illuminated products for safety and security applications.

In 2019, Meprolight establishes a US division, Meprolight USA, to better serve their North American customers in the commercial, law enforcement, security and military markets.