The One-Shot-and-Drop Round, the 450 Bushmaster

“The accuracy of these rounds is super impressive. Only a few practice shots with a brand new rifle and I was ready for hunting season. One shot later at 150 yards and I was able to harvest a buck and the impact stopped it dead in its tracks immediately.” (review from Josh on the Steinel Ammunition 450 Bushmaster cartridge).

Twinsburg, Ohio (October 2019) – No matter the game, every hunter wants the same finale: a healthy animal ethically dropped in one shot. Any hunter that has gone through the ordeal of tracking an injured animal spends a lot of time recounting the experience and anything they can do different, and oftentimes, the resounding decision is the need for bigger, badder ammo. Steinel Ammunition offers the big-bore 450 Bushmaster for those hunters looking for solid performance and drop-dead accuracy.

Steinel Ammunition’s 450 Bushmaster 250 gr. Maker Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) round is a lead-free, expanding solid copper hollow point. Maker, a leader in match, expanding and fracturing projectiles, manufacture their SCHP’s on precision CNC machinery to extremely tight tolerances. In addition, the sides undergo an Electrical Discharge Machine to exacting depths to ensure an ideal expansion at a wide range of velocities. Steinel’s bone-crushing 450 Bushmaster is designed to drop large game at distances up to 200 yards with superior accuracy.

The development of the 450 Bushmaster was the result of Col. Jeff Cooper’s desire to have a more powerful round than the .223/5.56x45mm NATO for the AR15/M16 platform for hunting large game ethically. Working with Tim LeGendre of LeMAG FIREARMS, LeGendre developed the .45 Professional cartridge and built an AR15 in the .45 Professional platform for Col. Cooper.

LeGendre licensed the round to Bushmaster Firearms International, who went to an ammunition manufacturer, Hornady, to produce the round. Hornady shortened the round to accommodate their 250 gr. SST Flex Tip bullet. Bushmaster renamed the round and the 450 Bushmaster, straight-walled cartridge was born.

Of the few ammunition manufacturers producing 450 Bushmaster, Steinel Ammunition’s SCHP rounds achieve a velocity of 2,200 FPS with consistent accuracy out to 200 yards. This velocity strikes the optimal balance between consistency, performance, and recoil. Available online at Steinel Ammunition for $39.99 / 20 round box, Steinel’s 450 Bushmaster is legal for most parts of shotgun-only zones in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and California (be sure to check your state’s regulations and capacity laws.)

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