The Patriot Sporting Challenge and Trinity Oaks Partner for Greater Good

The Patriot Sporting Challenge and Trinity Oaks Partner for Greater Good

Lake Fork, Texas-The Patriot Sporting Challenge (PSC) headquartered in Yantis Texas and Trinity Oaks of San Antonio recently announced an agreement in principle to expand their combined spheres of benevolent impact to the Northeast Texas region.

Predicated on the success of the Patriot Sporting Challenge’s Lake Fork Challenge trilogy of sporting events in 2017 and 2018, an additional PSC event has been scheduled for October 5, 2019. The event, “PSC Legacy Day,” will consist of several outdoor fun and exciting activities for local and regional StarKids participants. The host site will be The Links at Land’s End and will focus on the legacies of our heroes.

The PSC touchstone event, The Lake Fork Challenge supporting the Folds of Honor, will shift to a Spring event in 2020 and will join the StarKids event as a biannual pairing. “Having two events per year gives us better outreach to honor the sacrifices of our designated families,” said Garry Schnabel, Executive Director of the Patriot Sporting Challenge.

StarKids focuses on children of fallen military veterans who died in combat as well as first responders, police officers, game wardens, disaster responders, and firefighters. Participants are between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age, and this Lake Fork event will focus on children from the Northeast Texas area.

Since 1996, The State of Texas has lost 292 peace officers in the line of duty. In that same period our nation has lost 3,430 law enforcement officers, 1,452 firefighters, and tens of thousands of military veterans. Hundreds more, a majority of whom were fathers and mothers, have fallen responding to disasters, working as game wardens, or providing emergency medical services.

The purpose of the Trinity Oaks’ StarKids program as well as PSC Legacy Day is to help those sons and daughters as well as honor their families’ sacrifice with a unique outdoors experience. Trinity Oaks Founder and President Tom Snyder explains, “’We have seen time and time again in our work with the families of fallen veterans and first responders that time in nature with other like-minded children has a huge impact on coping with grief. The partnering with the Patriot Sporting Challenge is just a natural extension of that work and a way for us to give back even more.”

Schnabel also said, “The common vision and joining of forces of the PSC and Trinity Oaks is the civilian equivalent of force multiplying. Together we will make a difference in the lives of many individuals and families. It is our ‘Call to Duty.’”

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