The Rage X-Treme 4-Blade Leaves Nothing to Chance

The Rage X-Treme 4-Blade Leaves Nothing to Chance

A huge cutting diameter, cut-on-contact tip and proven SlipCam Technology make the latest from Rage a killer.

Superior, WI – When Rage® introduced the Rage X-Treme in 2013 as the most lethal broadhead to ever hit the market, the company turned the broadhead world on its ear. With a deep-penetrating sweeping blade angle, HUGE 2.3-inch cutting diameter and field-point accurate shooting, it’s difficult to think how such a devastating and reliable design could be taken any further. 2018 welcomes the next generation of the X-Treme broadhead: the Rage X-Treme 4-blade, Rage’s first expandable broadhead to feature a 7/8″ leading edge cut-on-contact tip.

Designed to produce the enormous entry and exit wounds required for extreme blood trails, the Rage X-Treme 4-blade leaves nothing to chance. A true sum-of-all-parts marvel, the X-Treme 4-blade combines a streamlined black anodize aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule with fixed and movable blades to deliver total cutting surfaces in excess of 3.1 INCHES! The .030″-thick single-piece, 7/8″ cut-on-contact tip and two double-bevel .035″ expandable wing blades that span 2.3 inches across administer massive tissue damage for better blood trails and quicker kills, with exceptional penetration and durability.

Like all Rage broadheads the new X-Treme 4-blade features Rage’s exclusive Slip Cam® technology for reliable blade deployment and Shock Collar® blade retention system for dependable blade containment prior to impact. Each pack of two broadheads also includes a second set of red high-energy Shock Collars to meet the demands of today’s highest-energy bows and crossbows. Available as a two-pack for an MSRP of $34.99, the new X-Treme 4-blade is the next evolution in lethal technology from the name more bowhunters trust than any other: Rage!

About Rage Broadheads:

Rage Broadheads is the world’s number-one manufacturer of expandable broadheads. It also manufactures quivers and accessories. A FeraDyne Outdoors brand, Rage is headquartered at 1230 Poplar Ave, Superior, WI 54880; call 800-282-4868; or visit

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