“Pig Man” Lends His Voice to the Calling of Keeping Our Schools a Safe Haven for Students and Teachers

Brian “Pig Man” Quaca is a larger than life personality that gained celebrity for his over-the-top enthusiasm, bold voice and, of course, hunting massive pigs across his home state of Texas. Shield Our Schools (S.O.S.) is proud to welcome Quaca to its Board of Directors, as he brings that enthusiasm and personality to the promotion of keeping our schools safe.

An obsession with helping control Texas’ booming wild pig population led to a career as a custom rifle builder for Quaca. That blossomed into working on projects for outdoor television, and eventually leading to hosting his own shows, all centered around hog hunting and the larger-than-life Pig Man, himself. Now, the Pig Man hopes to use his platform to bring additional attention to S.O.S.

“Nothing is more important than the idea of keeping children safe from harm,” Quaca said. “Every time a school shooting takes place, it just hits me right in the guts. When I first heard about the Shield Our Schools initiative, and the work that is ongoing to provide equipment and training to schools at no cost, I knew I had to be part of it. I truly look forward to working with S.O.S. and doing what I can to help get this program into more schools across the country. It may be the most important work I’ll ever do.”

“We’re excited to welcome Brian Quaca as a valued Shield Our Schools partner and to our Board of Directors,” said George Klaybourne, President of Shield Our Schools. “The initiative was developed by a group of people who, like Brian, wanted to find real solutions to protecting and shielding our kids from a potential violent attack when they are in school, and not make it dependent on school funding. We look forward to working with Brian and are excited to see how his drive and personality help broaden the program.”

The Shield Our Schools program works to match corporate partners and individual donors with schools in their areas to sponsor the implementation of SwiftShield™ and Bolo Stick barricades, TeacherLock™ mechanisms, and Armoured One active shooter training and consulting. The program is 100-percent cost free to the school and can quickly add a level of deterrent and protection to a school in need of assistance. Go to to learn more about the Shield Our Schools program and find out more on how you can help, or donate to a school in your area. As the initiative builds, the S.O.S. website will also serve as a public education center for creating safer centers of learning for our children.

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