With the Simple Notion of Keeping Schools Safe, Shield Our Schools Partners with SwiftShield™, TeacherLock™, Bolo Stick and Armoured One to Provide Affordable Options

In an emergency situation, everyone wants the same thing – we want our kids to be safe. Period. It’s that simple. In making our schools a safe haven for learning, we know we must do whatever it takes to keep harm from befalling the classroom and it’s precious contents. The Shield Our Schools (S.O.S.) program works to match corporate partners and individual donors with schools in their areas to sponsor the implementation of SwiftShield™ and Bolo Stick barricades, TeacherLock™ mechanisms, and Armoured One active shooter training and consulting. The program is 100-percent cost free to the school and can quickly add a level of deterrent and protection to a school in need of assistance.

“The Shield Our Schools Initiative was developed by a group of people who, like you, wanted to find real solutions to protecting and shielding our kids from a potential violent attack when they are in school, and not make it dependent on school funding,” said George Klaybourne, CEO of Shield Our Schools. “As we have seen from tragic events, classrooms may be vulnerable in the event of an actual emergency – with an unsecured door being the only thing standing between our children and disaster.”

The founders of the S.O.S. program didn’t want product selection to be a deterrent to participation, so they sought to partner with other safety device manufacturers to broaden the scope of the initiative and get more people actively involved. That is where Bolo Stick, TeacherLock and Armoured One come in.

“Creating a safeguard against the threat of an active shooter has been the sole purpose behind Bolo Stick door barricades. It is essential to establish as large a team as possible to create a positive change,” said Bill Barna, President of Bolo Stick, LLC. “Partnering with the S.O.S. initiative just made good sense. It has always taken a village to raise a single child properly, and today’s child is still our #1 priority. Bolo Stick, LLC is proud to join forces with the S.O.S. initiative in hopes of safeguarding every child, every classroom, and every school.”

Giving schools more options for creating safer environments for kids and teachers is the end result, and the only one that truly matters. It takes people working together to make that happen.

“We believe that the Shield Our Schools initiative is the perfect vehicle for helping to protect our students and teachers,” said Sal Emma, Vice President and Founder of TeacherLock. “By collaborating with S.O.S., we can reach more schools to provide an affordable solution. The issues around active shooter defenses are a highly charged and sensitive topic. But, in every case, one thing is certain: It is always better to have an effective lockdown device on the door than none at all. The S.O.S. initiative provides a direct pathway to protecting our students and teachers and we are proud to be a member of their team.”

The S.O.S. initiative also brings expert training along with protective measures to further implement the goal through its partnership with Armoured One. “As a police officer, father of 6 and husband to a school teacher, I could not go one more day without trying to make our schools safer,” said Tom Czyz, CEO and Co-Founder of Armoured One. “I knew that we had to get active shooter experts and teachers working together to present material that would keep our schools safe. Armoured One has a team of experts working for our one goal, which is to protect our schools and students from an attacker. When I heard of S.O.S., there was no question that I needed to be a part of what they were doing. It was clear that S.O.S. wanted true solutions for saving lives during an active shooter attack.”

Go to to learn more about the Shield Our Schools program and find out more on how you can help, or donate to a school in your area. As the initiative builds, the S.O.S. website will also serve as a public education center for creating safer centers of learning for our children.