The Styrka Pride Warranty-Covering the Complete Optic, Electronics Included!

Eagan, MN (June 13, 2019) The STYRKA Pride Warranty means that in the event of damage or malfunction, we will repair or replace your Styrka optic free of charge.

No questions asked. No registration required. No receipt needed.  And, the optic is covered no matter who bought it. It’s the warranty that beats all warranties, a promise from us to you that tops all other promises.

Unlike many of the optic warranties being offered, the Styrka Pride Warranty also includes coverage of an optic’s electronics. Read the small print, and you’ll discover several companies only cover the electronics for a limited number of months or years. So, the optic is warranted for life but not the electronics. However, all Styrka optics, with or without electronics, carry the very same warranty.

“Our warranty covers nearly everything except loss, theft and intentional damage,” said Josh Lazenby, Product Manager at Styrka. “And we don’t just say we cover your Styrka optic-we stand behind our words 100-percent!”

This even includes fire. For example, after wildfires had ravaged much of California during the Summer of 2018, one Shasta County man was sifting through the charred remains of his home when he came upon the melted lump of what had been his Styrka S5 3-9×40 rifle scope. All that remained: a scorched front lens held in place by a couple inches of scope tube.

The man mailed us his ruined scope and a completed Styrka Pride Warranty form. We sent him back a brand new S5 3-9×40 Rifle Scope!

Now, we don’t think you are going to need the warranty for quality issues, thanks to thousands of hours of design and testing put into our optics. However, we’re all human and mistakes happen in even the most careful manufacturing environments.

In general, we make every effort to turn around warranty work as quickly as possible, and usually have warranty repairs back out the door within five business days.

Plus, we’ll take care of your Styrka optic even if you can’t. Once a year, on our dime, send us your Styrka product and we’ll clean it, tune it as needed and send it back to you virtually as good as new. Forever. Yes, we are that serious.

But whatever the problem, you and your Styrka optic have no worries. STRYKA Pride has you covered.  We PROMISE!

Launched in 2015, Styrka offers a dynamic line up of hunting scopes, binoculars, red dots and spotting scopes. The Styrka philosophy is simple but non-negotiable:  make high quality optics at affordable prices; always tell your customers the truth about what optics can and can’t do; and, stand behind your products 100-percent, forever. Styrka Pride. Styrka Strong. 

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