Throw those Tax Stamps in the Harbor!

Throw those Tax Stamps in the Harbor!

Oak Ridge, NC (May 26, 2018) – This July, celebrate America’s birthday and the 2nd Amendment with the incredible 3-can suppressor kit from Silent Legion™. The 3-Can-Kit includes a SL-RF rimfire suppressor, a SL-45 .45 ACP suppressor, and a SL-30 .30 caliber suppressor, all provided with matching serial numbers in a convenient range bag.

And here’s the kicker: Regular price for these 3 suppresssors would total over $2,200. Because we got a great deal on a shipment of high-grade materials, this kit will sell for $1,500, which is more than a $700 savings. Enough to pay for those pesky tax stamps, and then some.

First up: The Model SL-RF rimfire suppressor weighs in at 3 ounces and features a hardcoat finish. 40 dB of sound reduction make this a winner that swaps easily between your rimfire rifles and pistols. This suppressor is perfect for hunting, range time or just plinking when you want to keep it quiet. Ranges and fields within earshot of neighbors are great candidates for this model.

Next: The Model SL-45 .45 ACP suppressor has quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate suppressor for this common handgun caliber. Weighing only 10.2 ounces, it delivers 30 dB of sound reduction, which is excellent for use on the range or to provide tactical advantage. Optional pistons allow you to use it on most 9mm handguns too.

Third: The Model SL-30 is an all Titanium 7.62mm/.308 suppressor that delivers an impressive 32 dB of sound reduction. This direct thread can features the patented Suppressor Retention System, which unlike competing product eliminates the common problem of “shooting loose” under sustained fire. Urban range and outdoor target shooters will also love the advantages provided by this 13 ounce, direct thread suppressor.

Shooters everywhere will love all three of the suppressors included in the 3-Can Kit. It’s true what they say: “Once you start shooting suppressed, you’ll never want to go back”.

The Silent Legion Advantage:

  • SL-RF Rimfire – 40 dB reduction, 5″ length, 2.7 oz, Aluminum, hard coat finish
  • SL-45 .45 ACP – 30 dB reduction, 7.6″ length, 10.2 oz, Aluminum, hard coat finish
  • SL-30 7.62mm – 32 dB reduction, 7.8″, 13.1 oz, Titanium, Cerakote finish

Silent Legion, based in North Carolina, builds suppressors to the highest quality standards in an ISO-9001 certified facility. The company is unique in many ways, such as being owned and led by a prior military service member who is also an accomplished Mechanical Engineer and gun designer. Silent Legion suppressors are warrantied for life and are available in both quick-detach and direct-thread models for an extremely wide variety of calibers and firearm types. Further, Silent Legion prides itself on including whatever components a buyer needs in the box. That includes suppressor versions with quick-detach mounts, serviceable cores, and even a complete Multi Caliber Kit, all without requiring consumers shop for extra parts.

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