Tigress Outriggers and Gear Adds New Star to Kite Accessory Line

Tigress Outriggers and Gear Adds New Star to Kite Accessory Line

Lake Worth, Fl (May 24, 2019) – The kite fishing innovators at Tigress Outriggers & Gear released one of the most comprehensive lines of fishing kites to date. Their kite fishing product development did not stop there. Tigress provides anglers with the kite fishing accessories they need to keep kites in the air and fish on the line.

Tigress offers a complete lineup of kite line assembly ready rigged kite lines. The three different assembly ready kite lines each come with two release clips, swivels on a reusable spool, and 250′ of high visibility line. The assemblies differ in line weight and color. Spools are available in 50lb, 80lb, and 100lb line weights.

A full assortment of kite clips and kite clip kits provide anglers the options they need for a successful day on the water. Tigress Outriggers & Gear has the kite clip solution for all baits and conditions.

Using cutting edge materials and popular market trends, Tigress engineered a new high-strength braided kite line.  The super strong eight-strand braid is perfect for spooling kite or deep drop reels. Abrasion resistant and a low absorption threshold, the Kite Braid comes in three high visibility colors and tensile strength; yellow-50lb, green-80lb, and orange-100lb.

Keep kites flying in the desired direction and from sinking with a simple solution, Tigress’100% pure latex balloons. The balloons are biodegradable, sold as a pair with three clips, and come in yellow and white.

Tigress produces a full assortment of Kite Line Markers. A non-weighted small, weighted medium, and weighted large marker come in multiple colors to help anglers see their line and set their kites up for maximum potential.

The new 3 Leg Kite String and 4 Leg Kite String are used to attach helium balloons to fishing kites. These kite strings are reusable and give anglers the ability to fly kites to the left or right.

Kite Ring Assemblies, UV resistant American made Kite Line Marker Tape, and Ceramic Kite Rings makes Tigress Outriggers & Gear a one-stop-shop for rugged kite fishing accessories and gear.

The new Kite Assembly Box has everything an angler needs for a complete two-kite setup. Packaged conveniently in a durable, water-resistant box, the kit packs light and can be stored anywhere a traditional stowaway box would fit.

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Since our inception, our mission has been to raise the bar for innovation, quality, ease of use, and convenience of the products we offer to the salt water sports fishing enthusiast.

All aluminum outriggers are constructed of cold drawn aluminum for maximum strength and durability. We then use a state of the art anodizing process to protect and color-enhance them. Every accessory is constructed of the highest quality materials to give the maximum service and life. Tigress uses only 300 series stainless or 316 stainless steel in every rod holder and outrigger holder.

We continue to expand our offerings of fine products and accessories making the Tigress product line of outriggers and gear the standard of quality and excellence

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