Titanium RBC Product Overview

Titanium RBC Product Overview

Boise, ID (May 9, 2018) – 2A Armament’s new AR15 titanium regulated bolt carrier (RBC) excels in performance with detailed machining, the highest quality materials and a perfect design. The ultra-light, sleek design comes in either a clear bead blast matte finish or a black ionbond finish to add style points to your AR.

The RBC has a gas regulating gate built into the carrier to reduce recoil while eliminating the need for gas blocks. The drop-in system maximizes flexibility by leaving your stock rifle unaltered. Simply pull the carrier and return to the factory setup if desired. The flexibility is ideal for switching between multiple rifles and having interchangeable parts.

The major advantage of the Titanium RBC is the fine tuning abilities. You can tune the regulator without breaking down the rifle. Easy access through the port door makes adjustments quick and convenient. You can tune the gas regulator anywhere from fully open to fully closed. The fine tuning abilities makes it possible to find the perfect gas release for almost any barrel length, suppressor, buffer and spring setup.

The combination of convenience, tuning abilities, flexibility and quality makes 2A Armament’s new Titanium RBC an outstanding carrier that is unmatched in the market.

Key product features:

  • 5.95 oz fully assembled
  • Regulating gate machined from 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Carrier key and extractor: machined, heat treated QPQ Nitride, staked screws
  • Rear Body: 7075-T6, hard anodized clear
  • Bolt: 9310 Steel, heat treated, MP, Cryo’d, QPQ Nitride
  • Carrier: Grade 6, 6AL-4V titanium available in ion bond black, or bead blast matte finish

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