TNW Firearms Introduces the Lightest 9mm Semiautomatic, Takedown Carbine Available, the 9mm LTE


Vernonia, OR – TNW Firearms, a leading designer and manufacturer of modern and historical firearms, has introduced the lightest production 9mm semiautomatic carbine available, the 9mm LTE.  Like all Aero Survival Rifles and Pistols, the new 9mm LTE is a no-tools-required, rapid take-down design for the ultimate in portability.  Weighing less than four pounds the 9mm LTE is perfect as a backcountry or emergency survival firearm for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, ranchers, pilots or anyone who needs a compact, rugged and reliable semi-automatic rifle.  The 9mm LTE will be available as an Aero Survival Rifle (3.95lbs) and also as a Tac Aero Survival Pistol (4.15lbs with TNW handguard and SB Tactical™ SB3A™).  Aero Survival Rifles and Pistols use readily available Glock pattern magazines.

Similar in appearance and manual-of-arms to an AR pattern rifle or pistol, Aero Survival Rifles and Pistols are original designs engineered to be more compact than similar AR based designs.  Portable, lightweight, easy to carry and rapid firing, they use Glock pattern magazines   Blowback operated for simplicity and reliability, both the upper and lower receiver are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.

Standard centerfire Aero Survival Rifles and Pistols are available is in 9mm Luger, .357Sig, .40S&W, 45ACP, .460 Rowland and even the powerful 10mm, all using Glock pattern magazines.  The removable barrel and easily convertible caliber changes allow the shooter to switch between similar cartridges with nothing more than the change of a barrel and bolt assembly.  The 9mm LTE has specifically engineered parts to reduce weight and is not interchangeable with other cartridges.

Available in mid-February with an MSRP of $799 (Aero Survival Rifle) through $899 (Tac Aero Survival Pistol), the new 9mmLTE gives shooters a portable, easy to handle, takedown, semi-automatic firearm is that truly a lightweight backpacking, survival or emergency carbine or pistol.

About TNW Firearms:  Since its opening in the early nineties, TNW Firearms Inc., has been a leader in the manufacture and development of historical weaponry and accessories. We pride ourselves on preserving firearms history for collectors, museums and movie companies. Our company relocated to Vernonia, Oregon in 1994, where we were able to grow with onsite R&D, testing, and production. TNW conducts much of its business and manufacturing locally and partners with a large network of companies in the greater Portland area. From its first product, the Semi auto Browning 1919, TNW Firearms has grown to provide an array of products expanding into the shooting sports and national defense markets. In 2013 TNW introduced the new Aero Survival Rifle; this original designed firearm incorporated technology and features that had never been used in the carbine rifle market. Working forward from that platform, TNW is currently in development of some exciting new products that will cater to the next generation of sports shooter.