Toray Precision Launching Micro-Hole Laser Processing Service

Tokyo, Japan, September 26, 2019 – Toray Precision Co., Ltd., announced today that it will begin taking orders in October this year for services using its new laser processing system, which can accurately and swiftly create micro‐holes. 

The system’s laser oscillator employs a femtosecond laser delivering ultrashort pulses. An ultrashort‐pulse width generally ranges from an attosecond (one quintillionth of a second) to several picoseconds (several trillionths of a second). A femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second. 

The system also features dual scanner heads. One is for a micro‐processing multi‐axis scanner that makes it possible to control various beams in irradiation optical systems. The other is for a dual‐axis galvano scanner, for wide beam scanning. Such capabilities enable this setup to deliver advanced manufacturing solutions to customers. 

Femtosecond lasers operate nonthermally, and the minimal heat impact means they can work an array of materials. These include metals, ceramics and resins, and such delicate media as transparent glass and films. 

The micro‐processing multi‐axis scanner enables taper angle control of micro‐holes (see note below) and processing of complex holes. A good example with such control is the ability to process straight holes with diameters of as little as 25 micrometers. For micro‐holes without taper angle control, the diameters of holes from which lasers have exited can be as small as 10 micrometers, which is less than hole diameters on laser‐irradiated surfaces. Precision is ±10%. 

Note: Through laser irradiation of the same processing point from various angles, you can, for example, control forward, straight, and reverse tapering in hole processing for hole wall angles in the thickness direction. 

The dual‐axis galvano scanner in this system enables it to deliver fast, precision porous machining across a broad scope. There is an optical block comprising a laser oscillator and irradiation optics, as well as a work chamber with a massive 500 mm x 500 mm table on the XY stage. Bringing together these twin capabilities together makes high‐precision processing possible across the whole table. The table is one of the largest in the micro laser processing industry, and offers tremendous potential to customers with large workpiece needs. 

Deploying the new laser processing system and adding existing high‐efficiency thermal processing technology has broadened the materials and shape horizons, positioning Toray Precision meet most customer needs. The company is drawing on its years of expertise in manufacturing spinnerets, a key technology in producing synthetic fibers, to further increase orders in the renewable energy and semiconductor areas. At the same time, it will continue to expand orders in new fields. These include inkjet and fuel injection nozzles, the medical and aerospace arenas, electron microscopes, and molds. 

Toray Precision will keep leveraging its record as a pioneer in ultraprecision micro‐ processing technology and contribute to society through its exceptional lineup. 

About Toray Precision This company was established in February 1955. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., and is capitalized at 200 million yen. The company manufactures synthetic fiber caps, nozzles, slit dies, electron microscopes, X-ray inspection and synchrotron radiation parts, optical device parts, and aircraft and industrial robot precision parts. It also offers parts modeled on metal 3D printers and secondary machining services, produces parts feeders, and focused ion beam-based 3D reconstruction analysis services for secondary ion mass spectrometry.