Track & Shield Launches All-in-One Device that Allows Anyone to Stay Protected and Connected Anywhere at Any Time

New smart tracker combines bunker-busting signal technology with most accurate GPS tracking capabilities to make communicating and staying secure simpler than ever on-the-go

Los Angeles, May 29, 2019 – Today, Cabeau unveils Track & Shield, a revolutionary device that for the first time combines the world’s most sophisticated GPS tracking technology, smart lock capabilities, and a communication boosting “hotspot” in one bad-ass device. In a category all its own, Track & Shield is designed to be a reliable, everyday companion that helps people track, protect and communicate with their belongings, pets and loved ones in any location, at any time, and especially in times of need.

Available today on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $99, Track & Shield is unlike anything that precedes it and is much more than a traditional tracker or lock. It has a host of capabilities to both track location as well as shield anyone and anything from risk. Using narrowband technology, its true GPS capabilities track items within 10 feet of precision for up to four months on a single charge. Its risk shielding features include a smart lock system, geofencing alerts, location sharing capabilities and bunker-busting signal technology that allows people to send and receive text messages even when out- of-range of cell phone networks.

“Today people rely heavily on so many different technologies to be able to communicate, monitor their prized possessions and keep tabs on those that matter most. When it comes down to using these devices, including our beloved smartphones, they often fail when you need them most,” said David Sternlight, CEO of Cabeau. “Whether meeting up with friends at a crowded music festival or trying to get in touch with family during an emergency or tracking down a prized possession, Track & Shield is creating a completely new category of staying connected & protected. It helps people easily track, protect and communicate with the things that they value most, in any circumstance, all with just one device that’s the size of a key fob.”

Vital Communications with Bunker-Busting Signals

Track & Shield is the only tracking accessory available that serves as a communication hub when cellular signals are weak or out-of-range. Its sophisticated narrowband, bunker-busting technology expands the range of cell towers up to a factor of 20, allowing signals to travel further and penetrate deep underground or through concrete structures. When paired to smartphones, Track & Shield allows up to four users to send and receive text messages, even in the most remote areas or underground.

Whether in emergencies when cell towers are overwhelmed, overcoming the anxiety of being off the grid, or simply in a cell dead zone, this unique communications function allows people to keep in touch or send lifesaving communications at a touch-of-a-button. Emergency messages can be sent to an

unlimited number of designated contacts and first responders by pressing the device’s “Finder Button” five times in rapid succession (within 3 seconds). Recipients receive the message and the user’s exact GPS coordinates along with a real-time tracking link that will pinpoint their location if they move beyond the initial contact point.

Non-emergency messages such as, “I’ve arrived” or “On the way back to base,” can be preprogrammed and sent to a list of contacts by pressing the Finder Button three times in three seconds.

Because Track & Shield’s Narrowband technology operates on a different frequency than 2G-5G cellular networks, it increases the chances of messages getting through during natural disasters and emergencies when networks are often overwhelmed with call volumes.

Staying Protected Anywhere, at Anytime

Whether it’s purses, laptops, valuables, four-legged friends or family, the 3 oz Track & Shield device can be easily attached to anything to become a part of daily routines. By never leaving home without it, users can have “peace of find” by always knowing the exact whereabouts of anyone or anything important to them as well as being alerted when the unit is tampered with.

Its accompanying app provides real-time information, including exact location and alerts when the lock is opened and allows users to track up to 10 separate devices. The app also allows users to create multiple geofences – custom safety perimeter zones – to alert them when loved ones or valuables move into or out of a chosen radius. These zones can be fixed to a stationary point, like a building or home, as well as set in relation to the user’s smartphone, allowing the perimeters to move on the go.

Track & Shield can also be used to keep groups of family and friends together. Whether it’s at Coachella or in a canyon, people can stay in touch and share their location in real-time, even when cell phone signals are blocked or non-existent. Track & Shield devices on each person can be linked through the app, so everyone has a common real-time map that shows each other’s position and their progress toward reunification.

Ready For Take Off

Track & Shield is the most sophisticated device to help people avoid the nightmare of arriving at a destination without the belongings needed to hit the ground running. This FAA and TSA accepted game- changer has a number of features optimized for anyone on the go:

  • True GPS Tracking: Whether backpacking with friends or heading out on a work trip, Track & Shield allows people to track their belongings in real-time, anywhere in the world with true GPS (operating on 4 satellite constellations), not a triangulation of likely position.
  • Geofences: Perimeters can be programmed to notify users when a bag is loaded on a plane or when a prized possession is moved from a hotel room without its owner
  • Smart Lock: Once engaged, the Track & Shield TSA Travel Sentry lock will send real-time notifications of locations and time whenever the lock is tampered with or opened.
  • Automatic Flight Mode: At take-off, Track & Shield will automatically put itself into flight mode; when its accelerometer recognizes the aircraft has reached 150 mph and reactivate upon landing.

Availability Track & Shield is available today on Indiegogo with early bird pricing of $99 per device including first month of service. It is expected to ship in Q4 2019 with a retail price of $199.99 for one device.

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