TriggerSafe® Glock Staging Holster

TriggerSafe® announces the Glock staging holster to its lineup for 2020. Manufactured from the same rugged ABS plastic as their AR15 and shotgun TriggerSafes, the Glock staging holster is specifically designed for staging of the gun in the home, auto, bag or purse. TriggerSafes Glock staging holster was also designed for use with most attached flashlights like TLR and Surefire to give you more defensive options then our competitors. Our Glock staging holster fits all standard Glocks except .45 caliber and 10mm or models 42, 43 or 48 and will be priced at $23.00 MSRP. Holsters will begin shipping in Q1 2020. 

More information can be found at and if you reserve your Glock TriggerSafe on our website, we will send you a coupon code for 60% off when they arrive as a thank you for our customers. TriggerSafe will continue to provide safety and reliability across weapons platforms with 100% American made products for our customers with more versions arriving soon. Contact for inquiries.