TrueTimber® AirPack™ Inflatable Ground Blind Now Available for Purchase at TrueTimber Online Store

INMAN, S.C. – November 2, 2020 – TrueTimber has announced the NEW patent pending TrueTimber AirPack™ inflatable ground blind is now available for purchase in two size configurations at The revolutionary air beam construction gives hunters a smarter, faster and wildly more efficient option compared to traditional ground blind technology. Customers can purchase the AirPack™75 for $179.99 in TrueTimber Kanati camo and the AirPack™90 in TrueTimber Strata camo for $259.99

Advancing beyond cumbersome and breakable rod and pole frames, TrueTimber AirPack blinds are supported by ultra-durable beams filled with air, giving the blinds a strong support system while maintaining flexibility and an ultralightweight design. The beams have the ability to bend under stress from elements such as wind and heavy snow or ice accumulation without risk of breaking to ensure a season long reliable setup. The included anchoring system keeps the blind in place and ready to hunt at a moment’s notice.

“We are really excited to have the AirPack ground blinds now available through the TrueTimber store,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “There simply isn’t another blind like this on the market. Our running line at TrueTimber is the AirPack definitely isn’t the ground blind your father used, and this product is just that. Hunters no longer have to be restricted by bulky, inconvenient blinds that sit for the whole season with no versatility. The AirPack has the durability to be a season long option—or can easily be moved to a new location, by one person, in only a few minutes. This versatility and lightweight design gives hunters the ability to utilize a ground blind where never before imagined.”

The AirPack blind can go anywhere a hunter can—it fits into a standard-sized backpack in matching TrueTimber camo and weighs between 15 and 20 pounds depending on the model. The package includes the backpack, a one-handed silent air pump and blind with additional pockets for extra gear. TrueTimber air blinds are simple to inflate by pump and deflate with no need for special instructions and can be completed easily by one person in less than two minutes.

AirPack blinds come equipped with snap-on, removable shoot-through mesh curtains that can be moved up or down to accommodate hunters’ preferences. The air beams also provide a steady rest for firearms and additional gear. The AirPack™75 features 11 windows and silent mesh curtains to maximize shot angles and offer all season comfort. The AirPack™90 features a 270-degree curtain design for firearms enthusiasts and an archery focused door providing hunters a multitude of shot angles.

TrueTimber AirPack blinds feature extremely durable construction and offer a five-year bladder warranty on all models. The exterior is constructed of an ultra-durable fabric resistant to tears or abrasion and is highly resistant to fading ensuring the blind will maintain the ability to conceal itself season after season.

To see the AirPack inflatable ground blind in action, please visit:

TrueTimber Inflatable Ground Blind | Patent-Pending Air Blind Technology

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