Now Available as Aperture-Only Model for an Easy Upgrade

In 2018, TRUGLO, Inc. launched the Archer’ Choice RANGE•ROVER™ PRO DUO, a two-dot LED system based on the popular RANGE•ROVER PRO. The DUO model retains all the features of the original RANGE•ROVER PRO, while adding an additional red LED inside of the lens. This additional aiming reference allows long range shooters to accurately shoot beyond the range of the calibrated tape. The red dot also provides a helpful reference at shorter, more common hunting distances; when the green dot is set to 20-yards, the red dot approximates a 50-yard point of aim for most hunting set-ups. This reference helps archers estimate additional hold when needed – even at full draw.

New for 2019, the DUO aperture is now available independently, without body of the sight. This allows archery dealers and DIY archers to upgrade previous Archer’s Choice RANGE•ROVER models without having to replace their entire sight, or even change sight tapes. “Hunters have trusted RANGE•ROVER sights on their hunting bows for years—we want to make it easy to upgrade as the technology evolves,” said Pliny Gale, TRUGLO Marketing Manager. “Backwards compatibility is not always available in this industry. TRUGLO is known for being customer-focused; whether the customer wants the latest and greatest RANGE•ROVER sight system, or wants to upgrade and customize an older model, we now provide all of the options.”

The DUO aperture and single dot apertures each include a 10-32 stud mounting kit for simple installation on other brands of target archery sights.

Archer’s Choice RANGE•ROVER PRO DUO (Aperture Only) Features:

  • Black finish
  • Green center LED and red lower LED dots
  • 1.8″ aperture diameter
  • Push-button brightness control
  • 4-hour auto-off feature conserves battery life.
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Accepts 1.87″ 2X scope lens (sold separately)
  • TG6420B – MSRP: $129.99


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