Trulock: Fill Your Tag with Deerstroyer

Whigham, GA (October 3, 2018) – The steady rustle of leaves and clatter of dry branches makes you bristle with anticipation, knowing a buck is headed your way. You visualize where the shot will occur and seconds later the blur of brown fur draws your shotgun and the thunder of gunpowder burning is followed by the resounding whack of lead meeting its target.

A significant number of deer hunters collect their venison with shotguns and using every advantage often means the difference between success and smarter deer.

Knowing the three different styles of slugs offered on the market today, Foster, Brenneke, and the sabot style will help you prepare for accuracy and range. The sabot-style slugs require a fully rifled barrel to stabilize the bullet. The tried-and-tested Foster style is the most common style of slug still manufactured, often marketed as a “rifled slug”. They have a hollow base and cast or swaged rifling on the circumference of the slug. The more modern Brenneke is similar but includes a flight stabilizer built into the base of the rifled slug.

Rifled slugs are ideal in close quarters and pattern well out to 50 yards. It is important to use the right choke, with open constriction like a cylinder, skeet or improved cylinder to maintain the rifled edges on the projectile. Too much constriction will alter the rifling and target accuracy downrange.

As with buckshot, some rifled slug loads will give better accuracy than others in your specific shotgun. The Deerstroyer was designed with a new type of forcing cone, providing on-target accuracy to 40 yards and beyond.
The design uses five parallel steps leading into the parallel section and gives tighter patterns with every brand of 00/000 buckshot the engineers could get their hands on. The result was patterns that consistently grouped pellets 20 percent tighter at 40 yards.
Buckshot in sizes “00 and 000”, are more than adequate to bring down even the biggest deer. Shotshells pattern differently because they shoot at different velocities despite the fact they have similar pellet counts as in 2 ¾ and 3-inch shotshell. As a rule, Deerstroyer extended chokes with a constriction of .030 consistently provided the tightest, uniform patterns.
Whether you are shooting slugs or buckshot this season, Trulock Chokes can give you the advantage. Shoot straight and bring home more venison by using the perfect constriction for success.

Here is a list of shotguns and choke models to put more venison in your freezer this season when using slugs:

PHBER12720 Browning and Benelli Mobil style choke
PHCRP12720 Benelli Crio Plus style chokes
PHWIN12725 Browning Invector, Winchoke, Moss 500 style choke
PHIP12735 Browning Invector Plus style chokes
PHREM12725 Rem Choke style chokes
PH12725 Tru-Choke

Try out a Deerstroyer in your favorite smoothbore with the following models:

PHBER12695 Beretta and Benelli Mobil style choke
PHCRP12695 Benelli Crio Plus style chokes
PHWIN12700 Browning Invector, Winchoke, Moss 500 style choke
PHIP12710 Browning Invector Plus style chokes
PHREM12700 Rem Choke style chokes
PH12700 Tru-Choke

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