Whigham, GA (August 31, 2018) – A dove breaks right to the left, and you swing your shotgun hard to get in front of it before pulling the trigger and seeing a puff of feathers. A second bird reacts to the shot and soars directly overhead for a fast retreating shot that puts another feathered rocket in your bag. A third bird appears from nowhere, and you center it in your pattern for a natural triple.

The fast action of a dove hunt can only be described as addictive. You dream of the fast-paced onslaught of the nimble-winged doves and know they’ll call you back to the field soon-and the day you’ll shoot multiple triples.

A natural triple for some dove hunters may seem next to impossible, but when you have your shotgun properly tuned, it can be the norm instead of the exception. Any seasoned dove hunter knows you must keep swinging and get out in front of your target. Any hesitation means a clean miss.

To increase your odds of success, shoot an open pattern with that is dense with pellets. It may sound like a challenging task but knowing what your shotgun is capable of is sure to put more doves in your bag this year.

By using the right Trulock Chokes, you can increase your range and pattern size with your favorite dove loads. A Cylinder, Skeet 1 or improved cylinder Trulock Choke Tube at close range will provide a large pattern over a short distance. A Skeet 2 (lite mode) will help when the birds are starting to range.

The best way to explain the erratic flight of a dove is to blow up a balloon and let it go before tying it off. It will zip through the air with sudden directional changes that can’t be explained. If you wanted to try and shoot the acrobatic balloon, you’d want the largest effective shotgun pattern possible, which also holds true for doves.

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