The Shooting Party (“TSP”) of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today the launch of their AirForceOne® PCP Airgun Charging System.

“TSP has been a market leader in the supply of high-quality 3-stage PCP Airgun Stirrup Pumps and Portable Compressors in the last five years but have always recognised that for the vast majority of PCP Shooters the filling medium of choice has been “Divers” Cylinders, and is likely to remain so.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman, TSP.

 “We undertook considerable research into the market and concluded that a 5 Litre cylinder provided the optimal mix of manageable size and weight with a high number of fills.

Our new AirForceOne® PCP Airgun Charging System comprises a 5 Litre 300-BAR Steel Cylinder, manufactured to the highest British & International Standards, CE Marked and German TUV Certified, with a 5-year Test interval, fitted with a rubber boot for stability and storage. Also included is a valve with an integrated dry gauge, bleed and a 750mm Hose terminated with a Foster-style quick connector.

At 750mm in length, our hose is significantly longer than the vast majority of hoses supplied as standard with other suppliers Cylinders. This allows for much easier filling, and places less strain on air tubes and connectors.

Users should expect a minimum of 22 complete fills for their rifles from our Cylinders*.” Hurney added.

“We are making the AirForceOne® PCP Airgun Charging System available to Shooters and Retailers on a Nationwide basis, and to facilitate this we have invested in a high-capacity four-line Compressor “Filling Station”, capable of filling 4 x 300 BAR 5 Litre cylinders from empty at the same time, in under 20 minutes. We believe the combination of superior specification with a market-leading price point will quickly establish the AirForceOne® PCP Airgun Charging System as the markets number 1” said Charlie Shepherd, Sales Director, TSP

AirForceOne® precision adult airguns, Charging Systems and accessories are manufactured for the brand owner, TSP, and exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by them.

* Typical minimum fills per cylinder for a gun operating down to 100 BAR having a 200CC Air Tube
AVAILABILITY: November 2020
SRP: £ 174.99 *Delivery Charges apply