The Shooting Party (“TSP”), of Shenstone Staffs, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today a container shipment of the Qiang Yuan Sports Goods (“QYS”) range of Olympic Medal-winning pellets, that has left China, before many factories and ports have been closed due to concerns around the “Corona” Virus

“Demand for these outstanding pellets has increased inexorably as many shooters and commentators have started to refer to them as “The best air gun pellets in the World”-and we wouldn’t disagree with them” said Mike Hurney, Chairman, TSP.

“Since we introduced the QYS range to the UK in 2018, we have increased the size of our order on the factory with every subsequent order, and our latest commitment is for the full range of all QYS models-sufficient to fill a container

“This was a very substantial investment in a single product and we are delighted -and relieved-to have had confirmation from China that the container shipped prior to the authorities banning people from returning to their places of work, after the Chinese New Year Celebrations, due to concerns over the spread of the “Corona” virus. Whilst the shipping-or otherwise-of air gun pellets is a trivial matter when compared to the ravages of this nasty disease-it will be very good news to our many customers, that they will be receiving their much-anticipated pellets by the end of February” Stated Charlie Shepherd, Sales Director, TSP.

Qiang Yuan Sports Goods (“QYS”) pellets are exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by TSP.
AVAILABILITY: 1st March 2020