Tweed Media International appointed to handle PR and marketing for American retail brand Gordy & Sons Outfitters

Tweed Media International has been appointed to handle the global PR and marketing for Gordy & Sons Outfitters.

As a recently established company, which is celebrating its first anniversary, Texas-based Gordy & Sons wants to communicate that it is the finest hunting and fishing outfitter in the world.

The full-service agreement, which means Tweed Media International handles all press releases, editorial features and social media for the retailer, also further confirms the UK-based agency’s global credentials.

Simon Barr, President and CEO of Tweed Media International, commented: “No matter whether a client has centuries of history behind it or is just establishing itself in the global market place, our turnkey solutions and international contacts make Tweed Media a logical choice, especially in the specialist sectors. Gordy & Sons has entrusted us to deliver these core areas and we have some truly exciting plans to put it firmly at the head of top-quality outfitting.”

Garrett Gordy, co-founder of Gordy & Sons, added: “After a year in business, Gordy & Sons is ready to take its operation to the next level, reaching a wider audience with luxury-level product and service and presenting a brand that has maximum impact in the hunting and fishing arena. Tweed Media International’s outstanding reputation in our sector speaks for itself, cementing grass roots amongst our loyal client base with professional expertise in outdoor pursuits, whilst demonstrating creativity and innovative thinking to keep our business fresh and evolving. Gordy & Sons is thrilled for the next chapter of our legacy with Tweed Media International at the helm of our marketing and communications strategy.”