Unique gun give away prize

Unique gun give away prize

MKS Supply, LLC., Dayton, OH, June 4, 2019-Want to put your mark on history? Want eternal bragging rights? Hi-Point Firearms is giving you a chance to do just that with its Name The Nine contest!

Hi-Point Firearms, in conjunction with its exclusive marketer, MKS Supply, announces a Name The Nine contest for Hi-Point’s new 9mm semi-compact pistol.

To enter go to Hi-Point firearms.com; click the contest link and enter.

You can find all posts about the contest on the Hi-Point Firearms social media page or through the hashtag #NameThe9.

Phase One Name Entry begins: June 6, 2019, and runs to June 13, 2019.

Phase Two Polling: Between June 18th and 24th selected names will be posted on Hi-Point firearms.com for you to vote for your favorite name. The new firearm model name will be announced via Facebook Live on June 25th at 1 pm EST.

The Prize: The Name the Nine winner will receive one of the early production guns! The winner will also be awarded eight spaces in the serial number block of the prize firearm for personalization. This wording and/or numbers will become the official eight-digit serial number of this one-of-a-kind pistol. The winner will also receive 250 rounds of 9mm premium Barnaul ammunition.

The winner’s personal information and the unique serial number will not be disclosed.

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