Unsinkable Performance

Unsinkable Performance

New Avian-X® Foam-Filled Duck Decoys end worries over wayward pellets

Port Clinton, OH (September 2018) – Molded plastic decoys helped usher in our modern era of waterfowl hunting. In addition to making decoys more affordable, the hollow, lightweight designs also allowed hunters to carry more decoys into the field. Unfortunately, durability suffered as plastic decoys are prone to all manner of damage including cracking, scuffs and chipped paint. Unlike solid cork decoys, a single wayward shot pellet can end a hollow plastic decoy’s career.

Avian-X pioneered solutions to most of the shortcomings of the hollow plastic decoy through the use of a rubberized molding compound that is softer, more durable, more forgiving and holds paint better than the harder plastics commonly used on other decoys. These decoys are available in a variety of natural waterfowl poses created by world champion carvers like Rick Johansen and a complete range of available waterfowl species featuring the most-realistic and detailed paint schemes in the industry. It’s easy to see why Avian-X decoys have become the first choice of waterfowl hunters throughout North America and Europe. Now, the evolution of the modern floating duck decoy is complete, as the waterfowl junkies at Avian-X introduce foam-filled options to select Topflight floating duck decoy models in 2018.

Available as an option on Topflight Canvasbacks, Blue Bills, Redheads, Open Water Sleeper Packs, Fusion Mallard Packs and new-for-2018 Oversized Mallards and Oversized Black Ducks, Avian-X’s new foam-filled technology creates decoys that will ride out the storm – whether it’s raining water or raining steel. Core-Loc™ Technology fills every cavity inside the decoy – tail to body to head – with premium, marine-grade foam. The process seals the interior to create improved buoyancy, greatly enhanced stability and unsinkable performance. These resilient, worry-free decoys will keep on floating and attracting ducks with lifelike Avian-X realism, movement and attention to detail.

Avian-X Foam-Filled Decoys

  • Molded from rugged, durable rubber
  • Weight-forward swim keel
  • Ultra-realistic body posture and paint schemes
  • Super buoyant with lifelike movement
  • Sealed interior for extra stability
  • Core-LocTM technology fills every cavity
  • Marine-grade foam
  • Sold in six packs

Avian-X Foam-Filled Canvasbacks

  • MFG # AVX 8097 / UPC 8 10280 80970 1
  • 2 low-head bulls, 1 sleeper bull, 2 low-head hens, 1 sleeper hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Blue Bills

  • MFG # AVX 8098 / UPC 8 10280 80980 0
  • 2 Greater high-head drakes, 2 Lesser active drakes, 1 Greater high-head hen, 1 Lesser active hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Redheads

  • MFG # AVX 8099 / UPC 8 10280 80990 9
  • 2 low-head drakes, 1 sleeper drake, 2 low-head hens, 1 sleeper hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Open Water Sleepers

  • MFG # AVX 8100 / UPC 8 10280 81000 4
  • 2 Redheads drakes, 1 Redhead hen, 2 Canvasback bulls, 1 Canvasback Hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Fusion Mallards

  • MFG # AVX 8101 / UPC 8 10280 81010 3
  • 1 high-head drake, 1 low-head drake, 1 surface feeder drake, 1 high-head hen, 1 surface feeder hen, 1 swimmer hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Oversized Mallards

MFG # AVX 8102 / UPC 8 10280 81020 2
2 high-head drakes, 2 low-head drakes, 1 high-head hen, 1 low-head hen

Avian-X Foam-Filled Oversized Black Ducks

  • MFG # AVX 8103/ UPC 8 10280 81030 1
  • 2 high-head drakes, 2 low-head drakes, 1 high-head hen, 1 low-head hen
  • Fully flocked bodies

Avian-X makes it their business to offer waterfowl and turkey hunters more premium decoy designs and upgrades than any other manufacturer – decoys conceived to deceive, attract, solve problems and give hunters the advantage like no other. Nothing sinks a hunter’s hopes of finishing birds faster than a sinker in the spread. So this season, don’t let a few wayward shot pellets cause you any undue stress. Gear up with Avian-X’s new foam-filled models and hunt on… worry-free.

At Avian-X our goal is to promote the sport of waterfowling and turkey hunting to the hunting public in a traditional, ethical, responsible, and enjoyable manner. It’s our wish to inspire, educate, and entertain our fellow sportsmen and women throughout the United States and Canada. It’s our wish, to help today’s duck, goose, and turkey callers to be more successful afield, whether that success is translated into birds on the ground, or memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

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