USCCA Releases New “Why I Carry” YouTube Series

USCCA Provides Unique Glimpse Into Why Millions of Americans Carry

In the midst of a nationwide discussion about firearm safety and personal protection, the USCCA is providing a revealing look into what is motivating increasing numbers of Americans from all walks of life to carry firearms in a new 10-part YouTube series.

“Every day, more and more Americans are choosing to not only protect themselves, but also their families, friends, neighbors and communities,” USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt said today. “This series not only highlights the diversity of our growing community but also what motivates millions of individuals across our country to become empowered protectors for themselves and their loved ones. We hope this free, accessible series continues to inspire more and more law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to self-defense.”

The new run is the first multipart YouTube series of its kind and provides a number of different perspectives behind individuals’ decisions to carry a firearm for self-defense.

Heather, USCCA Instructor & Member: “My outlook on self-defense has significantly changed since the first time that I picked up a gun and started carrying for self-defense. […] It’s not just protecting me anymore. It’s protecting the ones that I love. You hear all these horrible stories that happen in the news, and I know that it’s not just my safety, but the ones that I love as well.”

Teddy, USCCA Member: “I carry a gun because I believe that every person and human-being has the right to defend themselves, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As a new dad, I carry every day because I want to be able to defend not only my life but my family and my daughter’s life. So it’s very important for me to be able to protect them should that need arise, and that’s why I carry every single day.”

Last year, the USCCA noted that the spike in concealed carry permits follows a national trend that transcends political affiliation, gender and race. Despite the national debate about gun control, an increasing number of law-abiding Americans are choosing to carry firearms to defend themselves and their loved ones.

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