USIQ Attending NBS Expo with New Tenant Brands

Aurora, IL (August 20, 2019) – USIQ is attending the NBS Expo from August 26-29. NBS runs the Expo Market alongside the Fall Semi-Annual Market. The Expo brings together retail buyers and manufacturers under one roof. The buyers have the opportunity to sign purchase orders on-site and finding great deals on inventory is not uncommon. 

USIQ will showcase two new tenant brands at NBS Expo, Ulfhednar and ISC. USIQ encourages attendees to take advantage of this opportunity to see the new gear from each brand and plan purchase orders for the most durable, high-performance long-range shooting products.


Ruggedized Norwegian precision shooting gear. Founded and managed by a 40-year champion shooter, Ulfhednar is producing a line of products that are incredibly innovative, durable, and exactly in time with the growing PRS market in the US. Long Range/PRS are the largest shooting sports in Norway boasting 6000 registered competitors (overall pop. of 5M). 


ISC offers innovative, internal scope caps that give the user active control, adaptable protection, performance, and quality in a variety of standard riflescope sizes from 26mm-69mm. The ISC internal scope cap and removable honeycomb filter regulate excessive glare from light sources. The internal iris provides user control over the amount of environmental exposure. Aluminum and composite components are utilized in the manufacturing process to ensure a stronger, more capable product. 

The 2019 NBS Expo is located in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center. August 26-27 are the primary days for NBS members attending as buyers. Enjoy the seminars, breakfast and lunch buffets, and drop by the USIQ booth to meet the team.

USIQ was designed as a completely new concept that combines strengths from several of the standard industry go-to-market methodologies while adapting aggressive new approaches. We offer a full service solution for both top tier and rising brands/products to achieve maximum impact in sales performance, brand building, and product excellence.

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