USIQ Attending NBS Expo with Tenant Brands

Northbrook, IL (February 14, 2020) –USIQ is pleased to showcase its tenant brands during the Nation’s Best Sports’ (NBS) February Market (Feb 14, 15) in Fort Worth, Texas. The February market features the latest in hunting and shooting gear, apparel and accessories. Vendors can access special buying programs and sign purchase orders on-site while finding the newest, hottest and cutting-edge products in the industry.

USIQ is a full-service master distributor of complementary, top-quality and high-performance companies and product lines. See their suite of tenant brands-F.A.B., Silent Legion, Helix 6 Precision, Ulfhednar and LIRCES 3-at the NBS February Market. 

USIQ Tenant Brands


F.A.B. develops and manufactures the highest quality tactical equipment and weapon accessories. F.A.B. R&D team works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to design creative, ability-enhancing, no-nonsense solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges met in the field. Their primary objective is to provide customers with the tools needed to carry out their missions safely. 

Silent Legion

Silent Legion builds high-performance suppressors. Suppressors are manufactured in one of only two ISO 9001 facilities in the country, ensuring optimal quality standards and using a proven design and premium aerospace-grade materials. Silent Legion offers a wide selection of products (including custom products), and its customer service is second-to-none. Silent Legion backs all its suppressors with a No B.S. LIFETIME warranty.     

Helix 6 Precision

Helix 6 Precision builds advanced technology carbon fiber barrels using advanced design and fabrication coupled with high-tech materials. Helix 6 Precision barrels provide outstanding accuracy. Helix 6 Precision manufactures barrel blanks in several popular calibers, as well as drop-in barrels chambered for popular long-range cartridges for Ruger Precision and Savage Rifles. 


LIRCES 3’s ISC 3 is an innovative, internal scope cap that combines protection with enhanced tactical operations. The ISC scope cap’s removable honeycomb filter regulates excessive glare. The integrated iris provides user control over the amount of light that contacts the scope lens. The ISC 3 has an aluminum housing and a high-quality composite rubber ring to ensure protection against abuse and warping in the sun. It’s available in a variety of sizes.


Ulfhednar manufactures firearm accessories and clothing for hunting, long-range and shooting sports. From the harsh Arctic climate of Norway, Ulfhednar designs reliable, high-quality equipment for these extreme environments, including range bags, shooting mats, rifle cases, and more. Ulfhednar products are incredibly innovative, durable, and exactly in time with the growing PRS market in the US. 

The NBS February Market runs February 14 &15 in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Visit the USIQ at booth # 417 to get hands-on time with all USIQ’s tenant’s products and take advantage of their Best of Show Specials.

USIQ was designed as a completely new concept that combines strengths from several of the standard industry go-to-market methodologies while adapting aggressive new approaches. We offer a full service solution for both top tier and rising brands/products to achieve maximum impact in sales performance, brand building, and product excellence.

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