Veil Camo® and Prois® Present a Camo Pattern Exclusively for Women Hunters

Veil Camo® and Prois® Present a Camo Pattern  Exclusively for Women Hunters

New Cumbre™ Pattern Now Available for Licensing

Gunnison, Colorado May 2018 – Veil Camo®, the leader in scientific-based camo pattern innovations, and Prois®, the top name in women’s high-performance technical hunting apparel, have combined efforts to introduce the new Cumbre™ pattern for 2018. The Cumbre pattern is offered across the Prois line of women’s premium hunting clothes and accessories and is NOW AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING to other manufacturers of premium hunting products designed for women.

“It was our vision to create a disruptive camouflage pattern that would be used specifically for women’s products,” said Prois CEO and Founder, Kirstie Pike. “I have always felt female hunters want to be identified as hunters first and females second. We believe creating a women’s-specific camouflage pattern will give other manufacturers the option to create women’s lines without the use of pink or purple to identify women’s gear. We aim to have Cumbre serve as THE women’s camo pattern. ”Not only does Cumbre exhibit a bold, fresh look, this new pattern is grounded in years of research and development, bringing together camouflage science, animal vision research, and mathematical concepts found in the “form and chaos” of the natural world. It is this scientific approach combined with extensive field testing that supports the effectiveness of Veil Cumbre.

Key developmental features include:

· Scalable Disruption – a blend of macro and micro features tuned to the landscape to offer near- to distant-concealment.

· Disruptive Mimetic Coloration – a finely mixed “environmental color palette” that strengthens both the macro and micro disruptive features.

· Animal vision and perception research to ensure optimal performance across a wide spectrum of game species.

· Mathematical Edge – shapes and distortion patterns modified using mathematical algorithms to reflect the shapes and visual biases found in the natural world.

The 2018 Prois apparel line features systems including merino wool, technical performance fabrics, mid-weight technical fabrics, down, rain gear, and accessories in the new Cumbre pattern. Additionally, all Prois Cumbre products are now available for pre-order at

No longer is pink and purple, and reduced men’s sizes needed to identify women’s hunting apparel. The Cumbre pattern was designed to support the practical, real-world needs and expectations of the female hunter. She is a sportsman, she deserves the same technical development and tools a man wants for his outdoor excursions.

In keeping with that objective, the Cumbre camo pattern is now available for licensing to manufacturers of women’s hunting products. Don’t get left behind, for licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil Camo, 225.223.8110 or

About Prois:

10 Years Ago Prois was established in 2008, Prois quickly become the #1 sought after women’s hunting apparel line. Welcome to the world of Prois where we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their pursuits. What sets Prois apart? It is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. We have been committed to you, the female hunter for TEN YEARS, we will continue to innovate with you for many more.