VEIL™ Camo Continues Licensing Agreement with ALPS OutdoorZ

January 2020, Wichita, KS: Veil Camo, a leading innovator of camouflage technology, is pleased to announce the continuation of its licensing agreement with outdoor gear manufacturer ALPS OutdoorZ. 

ALPS OutdoorZ is recognized as a premiere manufacturer of packs and specialized hunting accessories—particularly those intended for extreme backcountry hunting duty. Last year, ALPS OutdoorZ incorporated Veil Cervidae™, Veil Wideland™, and Veil Whitetail™ patterns into several of its premium Extreme series packs.

These purpose-engineered patterns, which offer maximum concealment and visual disruption across environments typically found in high-altitude elk habitat, open plains, and most whitetail environments across the country, were paired with specific ALPS OutdoorZ products similarly suited for hunting these species.

Veil’s technology derives from extensive field studies that incorporates scientifically based patterns that effectively disrupts perception, movement and silhouettes.  In effect, it is the ultimate concealment for outdoor pursuits and tactical use.  Veil is focused on partner and category selection with proven designs that separates and elevates brands to the next level.

About Veil Camo:

Veil Camo pushes the industry forward delivering cutting-edge, scientifically-engineered camouflage patterns that redefine what is possible for concealment.  Veil is focused on partner and category selection with proven designs that elevate brands to the next level.