Versacarry® Eliminates Common Problems of Inside the Waistband Carry with the Comfort-Flex Holster

Versacarry® has a new pistol holster that addresses two of the main problems associated with carrying inside the waistband, sharp edges against the wearer and sweat on the firearm. The Comfort-Flex holster features a removable padded foam backing that rests against the skin of the user. This helps protect both the gun and the gun owner. The pad is attached with industrial grade Velcro and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Each Comfort-Flex holster is handcrafted in the USA using only the finest vegetable tanned water buffalo leather that is available and is offered for right-handed users. Most leather holsters will require you to break in your holster before being able to use it. This is not only inconvenient, but time consuming as well. To avoid this, Versacarry includes a unique design that leaves the holster with a slight gap. By adåding this gap, it speeds up the break-in time by about half.

The Comfort-Flex holster is built with efficiency in mind and designed with a forward cant. This cant not only will help conceal the gun, but it will improve draw speed.

Before and after using a leather holster, there may be too much or too little tension. To overcome these issues, Versacarry includes a screw located at the top of the holster that can be used to either tighten or loosen the tension.

The Comfort-Flex holster comes with or without a spare magazine pouch attached to the holster. The holster is available in three sizes that cover most pistol makes and sizes.

Versacarry Comfort-Flex Holster Specifications:

  • Water Buffalo Leather
  • Expedited Break in
  • Padded Protective Back
  • Full Barrel Coverage
  • Adjustable Tension
  • Gun only Model
  • Gun plus Magazine Storage Model
  • Black or Distressed Brown colors available

MSRP for the Standard Comfort-Flex Holster is $60.00 and the Comfort-Flex w/Mag Carrier is $70.00.

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