Veteran Hal Shouse, founder of HogSWAT, creates a solution to help solve Georgia’s wild hog problem

Veteran Hal Shouse, founder of HogSWAT, creates a solution to help solve Georgia’s wild hog problem

(SMITHVILLE, GA) – From extensive crop damage, to native game and habitat destruction, wild hogs can cost landowners anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Hogs plow through dirt, like man made farm implements, tearing up anything in their path. They will eat everything, including other animals, especially the young ones. Fawns won’t run, when they are only a few days old, and are quickly gobbled up. Clutches of quail or turkey eggs are a tasty treat. Wild hogs are not only competing for the food the native species needs to survive, but actually preying ON the native species themselves!

Hal Shouse, a Navy veteran, and founder of HogSWAT, has created a solution to help control the overpopulation and damage caused by these wild hogs.

HogSWAT is a Tactical hog control company located in southwest Georgia that offers fully guided nighttime hog hunts, year-round using the best thermal optics and AR-15’s available. HogSWAT offers their service to local farmers, who are being terrorized by wild hogs…FOR FREE!  

“We take paid hunters, to cover the costs,” said Hal Shouse, owner of HogSWAT. “Our guides are experienced night hunters, who will be by your side, from beginning to end, ensuring a safe and exciting hunt. Farmers get the most efficient method of varmint and hog control possible and the hunters get the hunt of a lifetime, with close encounters with large numbers of wild hogs. It’s a win-win situation!”

Hal Shouse started HogSWAT in December 2008 in of all places, Arizona! He decided to sell his former business and move to Georgia to hunt hogs professionally, never having seen a hog in the wild. By June of 2009, Hal moved his entire family across the country and was in the field learning his trade on free range hogs.

“Our wild hog adventure is unlike any guided hunt you have ever experienced,” said Shouse. “All of our hunts take place at night. We use a specially outfitted 4×4 van, equipped with a long-range thermal, on a pan/tilt unit, hooked to a large monitor, inside. This allows us to locate wild boars or predators out past 1000 yards, from the comfort of a leather chair, in a climate-controlled environment. Then, we gear up with AR-15s outfitted with top of the line Armasight thermal scopes and harvest as many pigs as possible. The better you shoot, the more you get. We process your hogs, on the spot, at no extra charge. We offer these hunting adventures, year-round, to accommodate any schedule. Because of the way we hunt, we’ve accommodated hunters from 11 to 93 years old.”

HogSWAT supplies EVERYTHING you need to hunt: weapons, optics and ammo. They even process your kills so you can BBQ them when you get home! For more information visit

If you’re ready to experience the hunt of a lifetime contact Hal Shouse of HogSWAT at (229) 669-9748 or e-mail